NATO and the ICTY Tribunal in Hague

When commenting on the illegal weapons used by NATO against Serbs both in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, weapons that are forbidden by the Geneva Convention such as fragmentation bombs, graphite bombs, used to paralyse the electrical grid andweapons of Depleted Uranium which cause cancer and birth defects, US Congressman Lester Munson stated:

“You will never see these NATO pilots brought before a UN tribunal. NATO is the accuser, the prosecutor, the judge, the jury and the executioner, because it is NATO that pays the bills for the ICTY. NATO does not have to submit to international law.
It is international law.”

(Monopoly – NATO and the Conquest of the World. Michel Collon EPO, 2000

Illustration by Duci Simonovic, engaged artist and enraged philosopher, Belgrade, Serbia. The power of art is doubled when grounded in moral truth.