Vranje, Serbia: the oldest mammal remains found

Experts of the Geological Department of the Natural History Museum in Belgrade have discovered remains the oldest mammal in the Balkans in Buštranje village, near Vranje, Serbia

Researcher of the Department Milos Milivojevic said that the site was discovered by chance  after applying the so-called probes that indicated that there are remains of animals that are more than 35 million years old.

  – After the consultations with one of the foremost experts in this field, Professor Hans de Bruijin (Holland), who cooperated with dr Milojevic’ team  for ten years at various locations and excavations all over the Balkans, we have found out that what we found  are remains  of the most ancient animal that has ever been discovered in Southeast Europe

Researcher  Zoran Markovic also  says that a very significant fauna of small mammals was found, and that it already attracted  global attention.

Vranjanski sisar

– The discovered remains represent the transitional forms of the oldest parts of the tertiary, which is on the border between the Mesozoic and Cenozoic , and this are the earliest mammals found in this part of the world. – he says.

Stating that the most similar fauna was found in the opposite part of the world, in Pakistan,  Markovic hopes that the necessary detailed research will be done soon in order to obtain a complete picture of the findings.
The remains were found on private property of Bosko STOILJKOVIĆ, who gave his permission to perform the excavation.

source:  Telegraf.rs