It starts through Kosovo again: Turko – Albanian falsification of History

Historical sources and texts to be evaluated by Turks –

We won’t  be surprised if the admission of Croatia into the EU next summer, results with an ideal that the ‘offensive ideas’ concerning Ustasha genocides from the history books in Serbia has to be a little “softened”.

In the part of southern Serbia under the management of KFOR (NATO forces in Kosovo i Metohija)  and where they illegally created another Albanian state, Albanian Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of ‘Kosovo’, the Audit Commission has been formed in order to compile the report about the situation with the history books, which are more likely to be ‘adopted’  by experts from Turkey.
One group of the Turkish experts is to come to ‘Kosovo’ in March in order to determine whether the facts and terms in the history books which Turkish government finds offensive and thus sought to change, are corrected.
– If this is another great evidence for the fact I provided in my previous post  (‘Balkans and its nations’) about the origin of the Albanians. –   
Representatives of the Ministry of Education have confirmed that this is done ‘in the spirit of academic cooperation between all European countries that do not have hate in textbooks, and whose history books are pleasant to read and “friendly”.

During the visit of Turkish experts Kosovo Albanian ‘ministry will organize a debate about this “problem “in the history books, and review the recommendations of the expert group in ‘Kosovo’. The audit committee consists of  Albanian history professor Shkelzen Raca, Albanian geography teacher Rushdie Plana and a scientist (undefined filed science) Hisen Matos.


the picture: Impalement, the most common  treatement of the  Serbs during the Ottoman rule

‘Kosovo’s’  Deputy Minister of Education, Nehaj Mustafa said: “This was done so that our texts have less hate. This does not mean that it happens only with Turkey, but we will implement the same rule  with all history of other nations and states, because at the end of hate speech should be removed from the textbooks .”

Turkish experts will take into consideration some of the suggestions made by the  ‘Kosovo’ Albanian experts and to make sure that our texts conveniently meet the criteria. ”

Mustafa dismissed any argument that this is an attempt of changing the history. According to him, this won’t happen under any circumstance.

“Kosovo’s citizens should not be afraid that it will change the history of the Albanian people as a whole and of the Albanian people in Kosovo in particular. Because the ministry does not write history, but historians write history.”
(Oh, I am sure it will suite Albanians and those who bought them in Balkans interest, but what about Serbs, whose history is to be changed and falsified?)

NAZI siptari

On the picture: Skenderbay SS (Albanian) division

He quoted some examples in books where the term “horde”  was used to describe the Ottoman invaders, and the hordes is  appropriate for some group of animals, and that would be better where there is a specified term horde, to replace it with ‘military base ‘. ”

“For example, geographical terms (toponyms) that are not recognized by the constitutional order of the Republic of Turkey have to be adjusted, therefore it’s logical for Turkey to react  because those terms are not recognized by the Republic of Turkey.  For example there has been mentioned  ‘Armenian plateau ” (geography books), and such a term is not recognized by the Republic of Turkey,” Mustafa said.


Impalement of a Serb

The (Albanian) author of the study about Kosovo, Albania and Serbia, entitled “Kosovo 1912-2000 in the history books of Kosovo, Albania and Serbia,”  Gashi Shkelzen  (Albanian) believes that history textbooks for primary and secondary schools in Kosovo must be changed radically and quickly.

AlbanciAustro ug
Always with the aggressor: Albanian uniforms from Autro Hungarian and German SS troops

“But these changes must be not only in terms of the presentation period when Kosovo and Albanians in general were under Ottoman rule, but when the two sides engaged each other on the basis of documents, evidence, facts, arguments, and so on.” Said Gashi.
Thus, according to him, any kind of hate speech and labeling should be eliminated . Otherwise, he said, everything has to be protected from any political pressure.

To put it mildly, Turkey attempts to prove that Kosovo is part of the new neo Ottoman geopolitical project, as it used to be during the Ottoman rule.
(Lithuania its citizens who served in the Soviet army declared Occupation forces, so it might surprise us yet another absurdity that may be imposed on Serbia.)

We would not be surprised if the admission of Croatia into the EU in the summer, brings some Croatian bureaucrats, who will , while leaned back in a fancy Brussels armchair, decides to remove “stressy ideas” from the History books in Serbia, in order to make them a bit more ‘pleasant’

Because, God forbid! that  the Croatia, which is already at UCLA “great European family of nations,” is mentioned in Serbian textbooks as “genocidal” (over a million Serbs murdered 1941 -1944, more than 100.000 children)  because there were ” little ‘camps’, where may have been ‘some  crimes’ committed.

Well, that “it is not advisable and in the spirit of reconciliation between the two countries”, especially Serbia, which has yet to make an effort in joining the EU, “and all those” rough, stressful descriptions and epithets describing torture and crimes of the Croatian Ustasha in Jasenovac concentration camp, it should be replaced with euphemism ‘small gathering camp’
Perhaps next year in the summer (when the weather conditions are grateful for sitting in cafes), a group of Croatian historians may come to Serbia, in order to provide a full support to the local (payed by Soros and Pentagon)  history revisionists. And, unfortunately there are plenty of them among us.

So they may, along with, `cold beer and a good snack, scroll Serbian history books with keywords Croatia, and replace all the data concerning executions, cut throats, crucifixion of the Serbian children, that could cause  “stress to the world formulate in much milder terms that “will not disturbed” children of Serbia and its public. ”

Maybe it would be considered that the term “Jasenovac death industry” has to be replaced by euphemistic substitute and much milder in the introduction – ” Human sanitation at the shelter Jasenovac “

images (14)

the picture: Serbian Children in Croatian Concentration camp Jasenovac. Over 100.000 children have been brutally murdered there, together with 750,000 -1, 200,000 adults – it has never been allowed to count, because of the Brotherhood and Unity policy. Also  Croatia with an open  German support constantly reduces the number of victims)

And, perhaps in some future Serbian history books instead of the words ” 1/3 of the Serbs have been forcibly baptized”   we might read that what happened there was “arbitrary change of religious feelings.”

Or, for example, instead of the words ” expel third of the Serbs” – we might  read the term ” their place of residence is changed – human displacement. “

And the term “a third of the Serbs killed “-  needs new, not so stressful formulation, for example. “a third of lives were taken away by violating  humanitarian Law of war Conventions.”

And all the other possible expressions that might cause stress,”  which describe that someone was “slaughtered” “killed ” a “lifted his eyes and strung on string and also made necklaces”, (notorious Croatian Ustasha Ante Pavelic leader)  “someone is killed with a sledgehammer,” or “sharp object that fits in hand “(and by the rules made by ” Solingen “), all of it should be replaced by the ‘soft, mild  words in the spirit of ” international law of war “…

And as for the half millennium long Serbian suffering under the Turkish rule! Maybe Serbo – Turkish revisionist of history have come to the conclusion that the 500 years of the Ottoman rule, was deeply humane and in the interest of emergence “of Serbian statehood .” -As we can see in Turkish telenovelas, read in their medias, and hear from their nationals, as well.
One typical monument from the Turkish rule in Serbia:
The  Serbs, otherwise smart people, slow to remembered and quick to forget,  will have to recall what the self-esteem means, what is the national interest, and to think maturely and soberly, in order to prevent any further move in the direction where ” one European nation (the Serbs) becomes a (new?) nationless and stateless European ‘people’. 

Aggression and bombing of Yugoslavia 1999 (which consisted of Serbia and Montenegro only, but Montenegro was spared from bombing due to the regime change ) by the U.S. and NATO  under the code named “Merciful Angel”  will  probably be described as a ” military expedition ” that has been undertaken in order to develop human feelings of the people of Serbia , and in the spirit of the approaching EU. 

So with the support of America and the ‘tribunal’ in Hague , the terrorist criminal organization KLA became a “liberation army that fought for freedom and liberty,” and the FYR Macedonian government appointed  defense minister Talat Xhaferihead  ( member of the former paramilitary Albanian National Liberation Army (NLA), which is known as the ” Commander Forina “.

And with the same intent, FYR Macedonian National Historical Institute and the Institute for the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Albanians in Macedonia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which aims to improve inter-ethnic relations in Macedonia.

After the recent transformation of the KLA in KBS,  corrupted Serb Slavisa Filipovic as a  deputy minister of defense (biography can be viewed HERE) , than we, the citizens, must at least not be surprised if in the history of Serbia, ( all in order to  “meet the European agenda”)  the last chapter would be: The disappearance of Serbia as a state

And the people!? So people will continue to watch TV, Serbia got talent, Grand, Big Brother,  and strictly ensure that never misses an episode.
One morning we will wake up and realize that the state we live in is no more called Serbia …



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