The Fall of Al Jazeera: from 43 to 6 million viewers

The  fall is breathtaking,  ‘megaphone of the Arab Spring’, Al Jazeera,  couldn’t keep up .

An audience survey provided by the Qatari channel Al Jazeera,  revealed that the number of daily  viewers, has significaly dropped,  from 43 to 6 million in the Arab world .

Al Jazeera

The alignment of Al Jazeera on the positions of Islamist parties in countries that have experienced the Arab spring, resulted in public suspicion in neutrality and objectivity of the Qatari Media Network.

And the third point, propagandist coverage of the civil war in  Syria  has seriously damaged the image to the public.

Emir of Qatar  ordered a budget increase for the channel –   total: 1 billion 300 million US dollars for the purpose of  regaining  market share in the Arab world,  launching new media sources  and an overall restructuring plan of the channel.