LEGACY OF THE BOOKS AND LETTERS, Legacies of Stefan Nemanja ( founder of the Serbian state, 1113 – 13. February 1200)

A nation without possessions of its own literacy and books, writers and book lovers cannot have name of the nation.

Say our biggest word, child of mine, say SRB and tell how long it rings in your ears. One moment it rings. Said word lasts only while saying it, than vanishes like breath from chests that made them.

Only written word can survive.

Say AZ (A – letter), BUKI (B), VJEDI (V), GLAGOL (G), and all these words will fly away as soon as said, like flock of birds. However, write them on the stone, wood, stags skin, frail peace of papyrus, and you will always find them where you left them. Written words last longer than mouth saying them, throats shouting and ears hearing them. Forever lasts. Even after thousand years of silence on stags and papyrus, they shall speak. I saw and read ancient books, child of mine, written thousand years ago. You are reading yourself the books written by heads turned into dust or hollow skulls long time ago.

Facts written down in the books are remaining after us.

We are groping in the dark of past and searching through far history something about us Serbians and not finding any trace of us, like we have never been existed. However, we have been. If we have never been than we could never be here now. We Serbians are children of Adam too. We existed but we have never been record. Only nations written in enter the history.

I am telling you, child of mine, speaking is like having conversation with the moment. Writing is like talking to centuries, so we must begin our great conversation with our descendants for the eternity, VO VJEKI VJEKOV, child of mine.

Letters are an odd seed, the best semen of every nation. It buds from the paper after thousand years, blooms into voice and word within picture and tale, thought and emotion, ancient hard-beats.

What a nation cannot with a sword and plow, with book and pencil it can, my dear child of mine. Quill of cane and light feather makes deeper furrows than plow or hoe.

GLAGOLJATI (to say mass – from the Glagolitic missal) means passing by; writing means eternity.

Nation without its own writers and bookbinders does not own the history in the past and life in the future. Sometimes foreign hands by foreign letters wrote about us in foreign books. Quill in a foreign hand is more dangerous than a sword, my son. We shall come into being as nation when we record about us in our books, by our language and letter.

Good writer values more than three severe dukes and three great cities.

Capable duke can conquer any city, other can seize. Nobody can subjugate the book; the book between hard covers saved many countries and cities.

Your hand is skilled for quill and paper, child of mine. God endowed and determined you first, to legible record us within books. Record us in the book of people of this world, for knowledge that we have always been, we are and we shall be.