LEGACY OF THE SERBIAN NAMES legacies of Stefan Nemanja ( founder of the Serbian state, 1113, died 13. February 1200)

Guard to the Serbian names, child of mine. They recognize us by them between other nations. The names of our fathers and mothers, our brothers and sisters, and our personal names. Rastko, my son, they are sacred, as these saintly we are having now.

The foreign clergymen, Greece and Latin, would gladly put us on their foreign names. They would gladly die out every Serbian name.

And what would it be if just all the Serbs put over their sacred names? I am afraid; there are will not be any more Serbs. And our fight is not to annihilate Serbs, Serbia and everything that is Serbian, but to praise. Splendid are the Serbian names.

Have, for example, child of mine, any Serbian name. For example, look at Dobrašin. Is there anything wrong with our Dobrašin? In that name, in Dobrašin, there is a lot of goodness and something more than goodness, because if it is not, it would be simply Good (name Dobrashin, caries the significance of being good). In such a way, our name Dobrilo, is not having a character that he is good, but that he makes other to be better. Child of mine, without our Dobre and Dobraša, Dobrašina and Dobreše, Dobrice and Dobrihne, Dobrila and Dobromila, Dobrimira and Dobrinka, Dobriše and Dobrivoja, Dobroja and Dobroje, Dobrohvala and Dobroljuba, Dobromira and Dobronje, Dobroslava and Dobrote, what would we be? The nation possesses such goodness in their names, can only be The People of God. By their names, they preserve goodness, longing for it and carrying throughout the world. We should not take away that goodness and touch their souls. Their names consider the soul of nation.

I am not saying, child of mine, that it is not worthy to name our people by holy names. It is good, but not with force and not to all of them. Like yeast and salt placed in flour, to slowly and a little bit, raise the bread, and be flavorful. Bread made with too much salt and yeast is not edible.

We, child of mine, have started the great fight for faith and Serbia. In that fight, we must not obtain religion and lose Serbia.

God, what are we doing? To these people we are taking away their old religion, destroying their shrines and old Gods. We have forbidden their old rites and habits, reversed their souls. Here, we started to replace their names with foreign once, although sacred. God, is there anything to left out of this people? Will it be, when we are done with all our intentions? Would wasteland and ruins be everything to left behind us? To destroy we have to, to destroy to be able to create. Oh God, let us to create as much as possible, and to destroy as less as possible.

Let us not touch their names. Their names are innocent and very beautiful. Let us add them some holy names, and that would be sufficient for God and nation. Why would we name them by foreign and unwilling names they would not recognize by significance? We should not take away from them what is the most precious and the most beautiful that Love devised and placed in their names. Those names hold their secret of life, Love and happiness. They devised the most beautiful names in the world, splendid with sound and full of sense. There would be too much sadness if there would not be any more Držislava, Vojislava and Vladimira in this country. And who would create our country, who would defend our country and who would govern our country? What should we get if our common shepherds and peasants became Anastazije, Teodore, Simonide, Veronike and Magdalene or some other saints and empresses? Would they be better than our Milica, Danica, Cvijeta or Tankoslava? How many joys are there in Radojka and Radovan, graciousness in Milinka and Milun, gloriousness in Slavna and Slavoljub, peacefulness in Tijana and Tihomir? What a thick hair are there within Kosara, charm within Miljana and Miljan, scent within Ljubica and Miomir, soul within Dušan and Dušica? Zlatko and Zlata with gold gild us. Srebrenka with silver silver-plate us. Who would defend us without too many Branislava? Who would expel the evil away if there would not be Zlogonje? Herbs without Biljana would not name herbs. Gentleness would not be known without Blaža, Blagoja and Blaženke. Who would guard tenderness without Grube, Grubiše and Grubana. Miroljub and Miroslav are kissing the peace. The most beautiful collection of poems could be composed of our names; they could be stringed like pearls! And what are we doing?

So, remember well, the child of mine: we shall never be the grater Christians if we have been the Serbs.

I admire the greatest power of our people to similar everything to them, to make Serbian everything. Do you see what is going on: we would like to Christianize Serbs, but they Serb the Christianity. Every nation has something to give to the Christianity. When they do, Christianity is no longer foreignism, but theirs. And more they gave, and more they accept through their souls, they become more and more Christian. I prefer a Serbed Christian than Christianized Serb, because this world has many Christians, but there is only one Serbian. From the East and from the West, many of them would like to adopt us and destroy through Christianity, and it’s up to us, child of mine, to survive in Christianity and stay who we are. That is the meaning of the faith. Our faith is Christian, our Christianity is Orthodox and our Orthodoxy is Serbian. That is it, and in that way, it shall be call. That is my faith and my VJERUJU (belief).