LEGACY OF THE STATE, legacies of Stefan Nemanja ( founder of the Serbian state, 1113 – 13. February 1200)

The country and the nation are not the same.

The nation is older than the state. The nation is older than everything is.

The nation lasts longer than the state. Exist before state and remains after.

One nation can live in different countries; also, one country can have different nations.

Now, here me well child of mine, listen attentively. One nation, one country, that was my intention and that remains, and I am handing it over to all of you as bequeath, from now to forever.

Serbs does not own their own country yet, they are scattered in all directions. Slavs swarmed lands from northern to eastern seas. They could become the greatest empire on the earth and the greatest people under the heaven. They remained and they still are just a multitude in foreign countries.

Every tribe is fighting to create its country. The great people of Slavs are scattered into minorities and smaller countries. Small country is like small fish in the sea that the big one swallows.

Big countries swallow smaller ones.

Serbia is too small in the mouth of big Byzantium, child of mine. It always protrudes out of entrails of big countries. As soon as that grasping has left us or we managed to escape, immediately the other grabbed us.

The biggest trouble was when everyone wanted to create a kingdom of his hill and valley.

I have decided to create the country of all Serbs, child of mine, so I have done it. I have not created a kingdom or empire. That is your inheritance. There are enough Serbs for the kingdom and the empire. In front of the great tribal state that I have created, bigger and smaller kingdoms and empires stepped back.

No village can dream to become an empire in my country. Now I have my own state confirmed by its own force, golden seals of kingdoms and empires and charters.

Guard to it, spread it and strengthen it. There are enough room to spread it and with whom to strengthen. In foreign countries around us live our fellow tribesmen with the same blood and the same language.

There are more Serbs out of our country than within. That has a meaning that the state of mine is just the beginning, child of mine.

That looks like when childbirth starts and only a head perceived.

Primordial birth pangs move within woman, head appears and part by part of body. That is the bearing of man.


Primordial instincts of many generations and tribes of same blood and same language began to gather in one state. That is the bearing of the nation. NAROD ROŽDAETSJA! (THE NATION IS BORN!)

The end of my life is near, child of mine. I can declare the most joyous proclamation: that is the born of the great child of mine, Serbia.




( Stefan Nemanja was the Grand Prince (Veliki Župan) of the Serbian Grand Principality (Rascia) from 1166 to 1196, and founder of the Nemanjic dynasty)