Albanian invaders in Kosovo and Pakistan to cement business relations

I am unable to understand this: ‘Kosovo’ is an USA proxy, ally,servant and admirer. Pakistan is against the USA policy, very often under the USA drone attacks…
But, dammit, when it comes to Serbs, they cooperate! Love is in the air!
From now on, every single bomb or drone that falls on the territory of Pakistan, as for me is not more than a friendly gift and blessing. Maktub.

ISLAMABAD: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Industry of Kosovo Ms Mimoza Kusari Lila received Muhammad Haroon Shaukat, Ambassador of Pakistan to Kosovo resident in Ankara.

Welcoming the appointment of Haroon Shaukat, who became the first Ambassador of Pakistan to Kosovo, Ms Mimoza said both countries were now in a position to start formal business relations. She stressed on the need to know the potential strengths of Pakistan and Kosovo by the businessmen of both the countries. She said exploratory reciprocal business visits would set the trend for spearheading commercial ties. It was agreed to encourage the federations of chambers of commerce and industry of both the countries to sign agreements for exchange of information, holding of joint trade fairs, and initiating joint business ventures.

Ms Mimoza said Kosovo’s geographical position and its Autonomous Trade Preferences agreement with European Union, through which it enjoys unlimited and duty free access to the EU market for products would be beneficial for Pakistani investors who could start joint ventures with Kosovo business partners. Kosovo also enjoys GSP from the United States, she added.

Shaukat expressed the hope both the governments would provide an interface to the private sectors of the respective countries through developing facilitative frameworks that will form the basis of closer economic interaction to the mutual advantage of both the countries.

He invited the Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister to lead a business delegation from her country to attend Expo Pakistan being held in Karachi from September 26-29, 2013.

This forum will provide an opportunity for Kosovo businessmen to explore business prospects and interact with leading Pakistan exporters, he added.