If the Damascus falls – Daraya will become “a suburb of Moscow” – Mikhail Leontyev from the dying town

  • In  Daraya, a suburb of the Damascus,  cleaning the area of the foreign mercenaries lasts for more than three months already.  There is no more civilian population.  The War is being fought for every room, for every single meter. This is a mini-Stalingrad and Grozny
  • Two thirds of the terrorists in  Daraya, were foreigners: from Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Russia (Chechnya)

If Syria falls – all this scum  and international murderers will come to us. They are all the same, no more place for them to go .

Video material: http://www.1tv.ru/news/leontiev/229325

 Leading political commentator of the First channel of Russian state television – Mikhail Leontyev in  his recent analytic program “Odnako” (‘Equaly’) analyses Syria.

Not by chance. But, not only because of the importance and impact that the Syrian resistance to the Westerno –  Jihadist joint aggression has on international relations.

 Leontejv is a witness. From the scene. Because he visited the south suburbs of Damascus –  Daraya, whose return under the control of the regular Syrian army has strategic importance.

 Anyway, read and watch. Here are the observations and conclusions of Michael Leontjev:

 – President Assad is alive, there was no ‘Iranian bodyguard’ who killed him. There was no murder and the president Assad has no Iranian guards at all.

   The spate of the absurdity and  lies about Syria, which is –  even by the standards of modern information war – abnormal,  clearly exposes the origin of power and the money that’s behind it.

   In  Daraya, , one of the southern suburbs of Damascus,  there is no civilian population. War is being fought for every room, for every meter.

     Syria Daraya

caption: Daraya

This is a mini-Stalingrad. Or Grozny.

 Two thirds of the terrorists in Syria  are  foreigners:  Libyans, Egyptians, Tunisians, Saudi Arabians, Afghanistani, Pakistani, Bangladesh, and even our own, from Russia. (Chechnya)

  Here in Syria the West has  formed a truly mobile, well trained and armed army of fanatics,  prefect  for universal and international use.

  “Death to Russia”, “Today – Syria! tomorrow – Russia”, “Caucasian battalion”, “Putin, we will come to your castle Kremlin”.  – For those who don’t understand, the FSA  translated it both in Arabic and Russian.

  “Assad and Putin – the bloody devils”, “Tibet, up to jihad”. It doesn’t matter to them  the reality concerning Buddhism and Jihad. All this is just a  reflection of the problems in educational system in our  Chechnya.

We can only wish that those who recruited the international scum and brought them here to  kill Syrians will come to their senses and stop this madness.

 Some of  the mercenaries  are completely convinced that they are fighting in Israel and against Israel.  The worst is that they cannot be proven what the truth is, even though the Israelis, before the whole world’s eyes,  arm those degenerics and provide them with medical treatment.

 – Khaled is a captain of the elite brigade, one of the best in Syrian army.  His tank has never been hit, eve though he always  fought till the end.  Captain Khaled  is a man who deserves all honor and  trust.

  By the way, he is Sunni. And his head got the price tag  –  there’s a reward for his head, dead or alive.
He says that he has nothing more to lose.

   “We defend Syria, we re fighting for united Syria. We want Syria to remain whole and preserved, safe.  We fight against the external enemy –  Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia supported terrorism. Our goal is victory.  No matter how much blood we shed –  We will win “

After all,  the “war on terror”  in Syria is not just a political formulation.  It’s the real and total terror. Intimidate and kill, kill and intimidate.

 The sources of  the fanatic “men power”  are  inexhaustible as long as there are petrodollars from the Gulf monarchies.

 The Wild Islamic despots financed and supported by the ‘civilized’ West, glorify and arm the mob so their sadistic maniacs and mercenaries destroy the country.

As for the Syrian economy, it  has endured two years of sanctions, terror and systematic destruction of infrastructure.

For the past two years Syrian army got purified, for all the non loyal have already fled, and the true, loyal Syrian soldiers already gained   significant war experience.