Kosovo Albanian PM Hasim Taci in Vatican – what’s behind the curtain?

The presence of  the Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic at the Papal  inauguration remained almost unnoticed.  It was only National TV Serbia that aired his image from Vatikan.


caption: Tachi, Biden in Vatican

At the same time the Albanian Muslim president of ‘Kosovo’  Hashim Thaci was also in Vatican and stood along with the  U.S. vice President Joe Biden – and  the whole planet saw it.  At the same time the Albanian president (of Albania), Sali Berisha provided with his company  the “first EU lady” Angela Merkel.Kosovo Albanian PM Tachi didn’t even attempt to move out of Biden’s protective shadow.

Still under the Biden’s sparkling protection, Taci scored more political points through his performance in the UN Security Council when he openly and self confidently said – unlike Serbian PM Ivica Dacic, who stammered some political pleonasms –  that there is no way to get any type of Serbian autonomy within his ‘ state of Kosovo’  and that Serbia should get ready to pay reparations to ‘Kosovo’. What, in fact, happened in the Vatican? A non Christian PM of (still) unrecognized (by Vatican)  pseudo state of ‘Kosovo’  Hashim Thaci shoulder to shoulder to long term Albanian lobbyist Joseph ‘Joe’  Biden present at the Papal inauguration –  was that a thoughtful move by the Vatican or an protocol error? Is there any chance that “Vaticani Berisha and Thaci,” along with their  sponsors in Brussels, Berlin and Washington, finally bring Serbia to common senses and sober the EUro fanatic  government in Belgrade? Is there any hope for Serbia?

The protocol for the enthronement of the pope certainly did not make the service only in the Vatican but also in the arrangement and consultation with their biggest allies – in this case the United States and Germany
Thaci and Pristina with their ‘institutions’ are instruments used by the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy. And all these countries belong to the Coalition of the Willing (formed in mid-2007. in order to obtain the illegal declaration of independence of Pristina).

Taci’s presence next to Biden  demonstrated  precisely the instrumentation of the Kosovo case and political protectionism and  patronage they have  from the United States and the Vatican.

The ‘open’  ’friendship’ between Merkel and Sali Berisha, president of Albania, came at the time when  (again!) their interest coincide:  the Western works on forming the Greater Albania”, started (as we could see it earlier in November), and therefore we are  witnessing the symbolic gestures of support to this NWO project.

Also the story of the ‘negotiations’ between the Albanian rulers in Kosovo and centrl Serbian authorities  is just a story designed to serve their immediate interests, so that the Greater Albania could be established.  And that’s where the territory of the southern Serbian province is an important puzzle. In any case: It’s clear that the message for Serbia was not horrible  but that’s not news for Serbs. The message is that  ’Kosovo’ is backed by the most powerful nation in the world. Biden and Taci were all the time together, whereas  Thaci  was stuck to him, moving through the entire ceremony.

TANASKOVIĆ Darko  was a former Serbian ambassador to the Vatican, explains:                       “It’s certain that the Vatican is under the pressure to recognize ‘Kosovo’, but I don’t think  it will happen simply because the Vatican wants to intensify cooperation in ecumenical dialogue. And no ecumenical dialogue with the Serbian and Russian Orthodox Church would be possible if the Papal state recognizes ‘Kosovo’.

Symbolically speaking, those who helped Thaci to be present with Biden  have achieved success because it was obvious that the world’s No 1 power stood by him. “

Izvor: Taчи у Ватикану уз бајдена, бериша уз Меркелову – шта се иза брда ваља?, аутор Диана Милошевић