Mainstream Media or Retard Informs Retards

This is the phenomena I’ve been observing for years (that’s why I copied the whole text from the site):

Hiding Kosovo Albanian and Bosnian Muslim Killers Among the “Yugoslavians”, “Bosnians” and “Americans”

In the past two years in United States we had four Yugoslavian terrorists who wanted to “kill as many American soldiers as possible”, a coldblooded Yugoslavian murderer who shot a man in the face, killing him in broad daylight in the midst of New York, a Bosnian mass murderer who gunned down random mall shoppers, two naturalized Americans who wanted to wage violent jihad around the world, and a Bosnian beauty — all belonging to none of the world’s known nations, and mostly coming from a nonexistent country.

Arber Mustafaj, Kosovo Albanian killer

Arber Mustafaj, Kosovo Albanian killer

Although even the New York Times must have heard by now Yugoslavian nation never existed, that long-ago-destroyed country called Yugoslavia (meaning a country of the Southern Slavs) was populated by Serbian, Slovenian, Croat, Muslim and Macedonian nations and numerous othernational minorities, American corporate media keeps reinventing the Yugoslavian nation whenever they need to cover up for their allies of the day.

Kosovo Albanian terrorist Hysein Sherifi
Kosovo Albanian terrorist Hysen Sherifi

When six terrorists plotting to blow up U.S. Army base in New Jersey were arrested everyone, starting from the Associated Press and NYT down, reported that the men are “Yugoslavs”, “from former Yugoslavia and Middle East”.

In fact, four of the “Fort Dix Six”, sentenced in the meantime, are Albanians from the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, one man is Turkish and the sixth is Jordanian.

The exact same retard-informs-retards approach was employed few wees ago, when Kosovo Albanian Arber Mustafaj, a fake refugee with a lengthy crime sheet, was apprehended by the U.S. border patrol and arrested on an outstanding warrant for murder (he shot a man in New York City). Both the border patroland the U.S. media informed us that Mustafaj is “a Yugoslavian man” and was with “two other Yugoslavians” at the time of apprehension. We are told one of those other two is his brother — guess what’s his nationality.

Bosnian Muslim jihadists Anes Subasic
Bosnian Muslim jihadist Anes Subasic

Sulejman Talović, who went on a shooting spree at a Utah shopping mall, killing five people and wounding four others, was merely a “Bosnian” — another nonexistent nationality in a country populated by the Serbs, Croats and Muslims, conveniently used to protect the laboriously fabricated good-guys image of the latest U.S. allies. It took no less than a riot by an outraged blogosphere for the MSM to admit the killer was neither a Bosnian Serb, nor a Bosnian Croat but, indeed, a Bosnian Muslim. However, they added another twist to it and had enough audacity left to still end up blaming the Serbs for his carnage. The one for the Believe It or Not department.

Out of seven recently arrested terrorists, charged with plotting to wage jihad outside the United States, one is Bosnian Muslim (Anes Subašić) and another is Albanian from Kosovo and Metohija province (Hysen Sherifi). But see if you can find that information anywhere herehere, or here. To AP, CNN and NYT, both Subašić and Sherifi have no ethnic background or any background whatsoever, they are simply “naturalized American citizens”. Imagine how naturalized a Serb would be if one would try something these two were about to pull.

Bosnian Beauty and Serb War Criminals

When Danijela Krstić, a beautiful Serbian girl from the town of Zvornik whose family was forced to flee Alija Izetbegović’s jihad, won the title of Miss Oregon, she was paraded through the press as another member of a nonexistent nationality.

Miss Oregon 2009 Danijela Krstic, Bosnian Serb
Danijela Krstic, Bosnian Serb beauty

“Bosnian beauty wins Miss Oregon crown”, cheered the Beaverton Valley Times, stressing Danijela, “a refugee from Bosnia” is “the first winner to be born outside the United States in the pageant’s 61-year history”. A charity organization introduced Miss Oregon as “a Bosnian refugee who moved to Oregon as a teenager”, while the state’s Rotary Club explained Danijela is “24 years old and a native of Bosnia”.

The same way former President Karadžić and General Ratko Mladić are simply Bosnians, right?

There must have been a score of “Yugoslavian”, “Bosnian” and “Balkan” killers and terrorists in the past years that a whole team would be needed to track down and cover, but the principle is always the same: you will be told someone is a Serb — Bosnian, Kosovo or any other — right from the title only if he is accused of doing something wrong. In all other cases, you will be left to think the “Yugoslav”, “Bosnian” or “Balkan” brute in question is most probably another “evil Serb”, because no American media outlet will tell you that he isn’t.

As for the beauties… well, they can’t be Serb, can they?

Danijela most surely is, and apparently one with more than just a pretty face. She just returned from Montenegro coast, where she took 45 Kosovo Serb children from their ghettos in Orahovac, Goraždevac, Hoča and Peć, for a summer vacation and tour of Serbian Orthodox holy sites.

“The words of praise are too small for Danijela’s humanity and everything she has done for our children — we shall never forget this”, the school pedagogue Milica Perić, surrounded by the joyous Kosovo and Metohija children, told Serbian news agency Tanjug at the end of their unexpected bliss by the sea.