Celebrities help Kosovo (or how BBC made me dislike the musician I’ve been in love with since I was 10)

Vanessa Redgrave has already visited the Balkans for UNHCR

Actress Vanessa Redgrave and singers George Michael and James Dean Bradfield are spending the holiday weekend leading efforts to help refugees from Kosovo.

Kosovo: Special Report

Vanessa Redgrave will appear in a special fund-raising recital at London’s Phoenix Theatre, while George Michael has recorded a radio commercial. Meanwhile, Manic Street Preachers singer James Dean Bradfield will be leading Welsh groups in a charity concert in his home town.

Redgrave, who is a special representative of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, will also introduce a performance from pianist Katerina Wolfe, herself a refugee in the Second World War.

She has already visited Croatia and Bosnia on behalf of the UNHCR, and she has made many friends in Kosovo. All proceeds will go to the United Nations’ children’s fund Unicef and the show will run on Friday and Saturday nights.

Vanessa Redgrave: “I get angry over human rights”

Wolfe says of her experiences: “Nobody knew what was going on outside of where everything was going on. Nobody was paying attention. There was no UNHCR, no Unicef, nobody was filming it, nobody was registering who was being stuffed into trains and never being seen again. It was total chaos.”



AND……….Here we go,  do you see just once mentioned word ‘Kosovo’ in George’s appeal? It was mid- April 1999. Serbia was bombed for over a month.  
It’s only the NWO media who heard him saying anything concerning so called ‘Kosovo’.   ‘Aiding refugees in Balkan crisis’ doesn’t mean ‘supporting Albanian illegal occupation of Kosovo and Metohija’.

(We have a saying: Babi se snilo što joj bilo milo – sry, not translatable)
We know BBC so well .
Here is what George said: 

Michael’s appeal for Capital funds

[ image: George Michael: Appeal being broadcast on commercial radio]
George Michael: Appeal being broadcast on commercial radio

Meanwhile, pop star George Michael is doing his bit to help Kosovo’s refugees – by recording a radio commercial appealing for donations.

The commercial will appear on stations owned by Capital Radio in the south of England, the Midlands and South Wales over the weekend.

In the broadcast, he says: “Hi. I am George Michael and I am asking for your help on behalf of the UK’s main aid agencies.

“The massive humanitarian crisis in the Balkans continues, with hundreds of thousands of people now without food and shelter. – no doubt, half of Serbia was a refugee.

“Children and the elderly are most at risk, but all desperately need our help. – absolutely.

“For many, time is running out in the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. – (Error, the worst after the fall of Krajina 1995.)

“Please help the Balkan Crisis appeal by taking a donation to any bank or Post Office or call 0900 222233 with a credit or debit card number.”

A Capital spokeswoman said the appeal was Michael’s idea, and it was being broadcast during the stations’ advertising time.

– Did he say: OK, I support ‘Kosovo’ etc? No. Not even: ” I am collecting funds for ‘Kosovo’ refugees”.

I fell victim to the BBC media manipulation.
source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/332509.stm





I am not familiar with the person bellow, but he’s the true supporter of the Albanian illegal occupation:

Welsh rockers backing appeal

[ image: James Dean Bradfield: First hometown show in 10 years]
James Dean Bradfield: First hometown show in 10 years

Another initiative sees Manic Street Preachers lead singer James Dean Bradfield return to his hometown on Friday to lead fellow Welsh acts in raising money for refugees forced out of Kosovo.

Bradfield will play three or four songs accompanied by an accoustic guitar as the finale of the show at the tiny Blackwood Miners’ Institute, Gwent.

The Manic Street Preachers formed there in 1988, though none of the band have played in their home town for over ten years.

He will be joined by The Alarm’s former singer Mike Peters, as well as 60ft Dolls singer Richard Parfitt and new band Big Leaves, who recently supported Catatonia.

Singer-songwriter Martyn Joseph will also perform, and there will be poetry from Labi Siffre and the evening’s organiser Patrick Jones.

The concert will be followed by an auction of memorabilia, including Manics’ bassist Nicky Wire’s copy of the platinum disc from the group’s last album, This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours.

Admission to the hall, which holds just 400 people, costs a minimum of £5 with all donations going to the Kosovo Crisis Appeal.