AFRICOM, Bil and Melinda Gates and African infants, by Antonio Mazzeo

African infants are new guinea pigs for the U.S. Army and Glaxo –  in Africa USA Army and Glaxo are testing  new malaria vaccine, with a coded name “RTS, S/ASO2”.


A special unit of the U.S. Army in Kenya (USAMRU-K) and the British multinational GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) make tens of thousands of tests on children and infants in some of the poorest villages in Africa.  All that happens under the watchful eye of U.S. Army HQ in Africa.  The command of these military land forces in Africa is established in Vicenza (italy) , and amongst its aims is to “support themedical missions of U.S. Army in the “Dark continent.


There has been invested more than 500 million $, as well as engagement and work of the researchers belonging to some of the giants in pharmaceutical industry and the best doctors in the U.S. armed forces. The main sponsor of the experiments in the omnipotent master of the new information technologies.

It is in Muriithi-Wellde Clinical Research Centre of Kombewa, city of the province of Nyanza (Kenya), that the vaccine trial data is collected and analyzed by the USAMRU-K team .

“Our unit depends on the Command of the U.S. Army Medical Research (USAMRMC) located at Fort Detrick, Maryland, but we are coordinating activities in the continent with the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) in Stuttgart and U.S. Army Africa center in Vicenza,”, the USAMRU-K spokesman said.

“Kombewa is in an advanced stage of research of the effectiveness of the vaccine against malaria, a disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes. USAMRU-K participates in the trial of what could become the first anti-malaria vaccine for children.
Participants (infants) receive free medical care for the next three school years. Once proven its safety and efficacy, the vaccine will be allowed for global pharma market. The study stems from a partnership today with the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI) and the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). ” For the development of vaccines, GSK has already invested 300 million dollars and another 100 will be spent over the next two years. The financing of research has contributed 107.6 million dollars the U.S. “NONPROFIT” organization. Actually that’s Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the “humanitarian fund” of Microsoft mogul Bill Gates.
( These ppl. are lied that they received the Medicine. They received were subjected to the medical & pharmaceutical experiments, without their own will and knowledge…. That’s the worst crime.)

  This is an excellent blog, and the author is simply tiredless. I partly translated one of his posts (above) named:  Neonati africani cavie del vaccino di US Army Africa e Glaxo .