Monica Bellucci learns Serbian, plays the role of a Serb victim in the Bosnian war based on true story

Beautiful actress Monica Belluci  learns Serbian language due to her role in Kusturica’s new movie ‘Love and War’ (Ljubav i Rat).

‘I will be playing a Serb woman in a new film by Emir Kusturica.  Emir will direct the script we wrote together. It is a love story that takes place in the midst of war,” said the actress Monica Bellucci  during her participation in the Kustendorf film festival.

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48-year-old will play the role of a Serb in the new Emir Kusturica’s movie. “The movie ‘Love and War’ will be filmed from May until the end of June in Trebinje, Republika Srpska (SE Bosnia and Hercegovina), the Sarajevo-born Kusturica, two-time winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes, told journalists.

“It is true, Emir and I have reached an agreement.  I shall be a Serbian war victim and the movie is about the War in Bosnia, in parallel with the war  develops a love story. I know it will be violent, but there will be lot of  poetry and pure emotion, ” said Bellucci for Novosti .