Republika Srpska marks 21 years since the attack on Kupres

– The laying of wreaths at the monument to the fallen soldiers and civilians in Republika Srpska and service of the liturgy in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Kupres / Republika Srpska /  have marked 21 years since the attacks of Croat-Muslim forces on Kupres and  Malovan village when 72 Serbian soldiers and civilians were killed. 


President of the Municipal Veterans’ Association of Republika Srpska in Kupres  / Spiro Knežić, said that the crime happened, unfortunately, and no one ever investigated it nor put on trial.  One member of Croatian forces was indicted, but the local (Croatian) court almost immediately released him.

During  the first day of the Croatian attack on Kupres about 80 Serbs were killed; some are still missing ( 14 Serbs still missing after being taken to the conc camps in Herzegovina and Croatia)


All the traces have been lost in the area between Kupres-Tomislavgrad  – Split-Zadar l, and their bones have not been found.

After the massacre in Sijekovac and Brod, Kupres is the first municipality occupied by the regular forces of Croatia and by  Territorial Defense of the Western Herzegovina who committed massive crimes against the Serbian civilian population.

HV units, Split, Osijek, Varazdin and other places along with paramilitary forces from Tomislavgrad, Posusje and Livno, attacked at dawn 3 April in 1992.  Serbian villages above Kupres – Donji and Gornji Malovan. Locals who were not able to escape to a nearby forest were killed in the most brutal manner.tl_files/ug_jadovno/img/preporucujemo/2013/vijesti/sjecanje-svijeca-zastava.jpg

The attack on the village was conducted by the following units of the Croatian army:
Unit 106 Osiječka101 Zagreb and 142 Split-Kastela Brigade of the Croatian Army, then a special unit of Vukovar “Yellow Ants” unit of special purpose Croatian Interior Ministry, Student Battalion / Battalion / “Kralj Tomislav“, made up of students from Tomislavgrada and Livno,  battalion “Velez” and “Zrinjski“.

After conquering  Serbian village, the Croatian forces conducted a raid on Kupres, on 6. April,  so they occupied almost the entire territory of the mountainous municipality.  The death toll of this criminal attack was horrible. 57 Serbian civilians have been killed and hundreds of Serbs detained in the camp that have been set up in the hall of the factory “Kvalitet” in  Kupres.

The occupation of Kupres lasted until the 7th April in 1992. year, when the forces of the JNA (Yugoslav National Army) under the command of  General Slavko Lisica, liberated the town and the entire municipality.

In a panic run Croatian soldiers took hostages – a group of captured Serbian civilians who have been through many conc camps in western Herzegovina, and many of them ended up in one of the most notorious camp “Lora” in Split.

The Kupres area, for centuries inhabited by Serbs, falls again into Croatian forces hands on 4 November 1994. Later on, the Dayton peace plan confirmed they are as a part of the Croato – Muslim federation.




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