‘Turkey pledges financial support to the Kosovo Security Force’

After Writing (i.e. correcting) Albanian history textbooks, Turkey supplies and arms Albanians in ‘Kosovo’

I wonder why do they need more arms? how much of the weapons is  for the Albanians  settled in Serbia central – in Presevo and Bujanovac and in FYR Macedonia.

All what happened and what still happens is the consequence of the neo Ottoman policy  implemented by Turkey  from the moment they were banned from the EU membership. Turks have been green lighted to reshape Balkans through re building the Ottoman empire.


(more on the latest neo Ottoman project, Walking the Paths of our Ancestors:  http://theremustbejustice.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/turkey-has-launched-the-walking-the-paths-of-our-ancestors-in-the-balkans-project/

Turkish education and universities based on neo Ottomnism in Bosnia: http://theremustbejustice.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/turkish-penetration-into-balkans-ius-and-burch-universities-in-sarajevo-part-of-the-neo-ottoman-policy/)

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Turkish assistance in writing history textbooks for ‘Kosovo’ https://mightynose.wordpress.com/2013/03/12/it-starts-through-kosovo-again-albano-turkish-falsification-of-the-history/)

It’s certain that they will spark the violence on the territories occupied by those  who started to wave Turkish (Ottoman?) flags in 90es.
I read yesterday on BBC about Turkey ‘gentle penetration’ into Balkans.  Well Turkey have never been ‘gentle’ here. I hope the West would hold on to their gentle terminology for describing  Turkey when it comes to the gates of Vienna again.  Looking forward to.So there’s the news  (from  Albanian sources):

Turkey pledges financial support to the Kosovo Security Force.

photoThe Kosovo Security Force has benefitted from a co-operative relationship with Turkey. [AFP]

Kosovo and Turkey continue to deepen their bilateral relations, particularly in the area of military co-operation.

Mentor Vrajolli, a senior researcher at the Kosovo Security Studies Centre, toldSETimes that Turkish Minister of Defense Ismet Yilmaz’s February visit to Pristina opened an important chapter between the two countries.

Kosovo is performing a strategic review of its security sector, and during the next few years it is anticipated the process will result in the transformation of the Kosovo Security Force into the country’s army.

“Despite the size, the creation of the army has its own cost,” Vrajolli told SETimes.

“Therefore, Turkish military support or any support from any other NATO member is very important for Kosovo at this phase.”

With Kosovo at a critical juncture in its discussions with Serbia concerning the future of northern Kosovo, Yilmaz provided full support to Pristina. During his visit, he told Kosovo Security Force Minister Agim Ceku*   that the Turkish parliament has agreed to provide an undisclosed amount of financial assistance to the force.

“The door to dialogue should never be closed because new discontents can bring new animosities,” Yilmaz said. “To us, the preservation of the territorial integrity of Kosovo and the political sovereignty of Kosovo is vital and should be supported and protected. We believe that Kosovo will soon take its place in the international community.”

Yilmaz added: “Kosovo is an independent and equal country in the Balkans. Kosovo should have its own army, as all the independent and sovereign countries have.”

Ceku told reporters that Turkey’s support is “very concrete, very valuable, and very necessary in the future.”

Turkey was one of the first countries to recognise Kosovo’s independence and has supported Kosovo in the field of public administration, health, education, military and agriculture.

As a NATO member country, Turkey has around 350 troops serving in Kosovo as peacekeepers in KFOR. There is also a Turkish police and civilian presence in Kosovo as a part of EULEX, OSCE and UNMIK.

“Kosovo and Turkey share close ties of brotherhood and friendship stemming from long shared history and culture. As a Balkan country itself, Turkey considers territorial integrity and the stability of Kosovo as an essential element for peace and stability in the Balkans,” the Turkish embassy in Pristina toldSETimes.

*Agim Ceku – Notorious butcher responsible for murdering Serbs in Krajina,  murdering  and expelling over 300 000 Serbs in 90es in what’s today Croatia), Bosnia and Kosovo.  Intel sources believe he’s a Saudi – USA man.  Which sounds very possible. Deviant. Sadist.

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