Confirmed: At least 8255 killed Serbs in Sarajevo

At least 8255 Serbs were killed in Sarajevo from 1992. to 1995,  confirmed  by the Institute for Research of Serbian suffering in the 20th century, Belgrade.

groblje srpsko

In addition, there are 860 persons are still missing. The Institute stated that the possibility of errors in the list is less than three percent and  that all  the inventory has been checked.    Associates of the  Institute  collected the data  through witnesses who were kept in the concentration camps, people who remained in Sarajevo during the war, from family members and survivors, who testifed that  the entire Serbian families were killed as their neighbors and friends testified.  One of the Institute’s  cooperates  Strahinja Živak said that the list has to be checked for every victims,  including name,  year of birth and death.

nikola gardovic

On the 2.  March 1992 Orthodox Priest Nikola Gardovic  was shot during the wedding of his son by pro Ottoman terrorists  in front of the Orthodox Church in Sarajevo.  His son in law was wounded.  That was the shot that started the War. 

“When the list is so large the possibility is ton have error of 3%, because some people in the meantime were exchanged, or managed to escape from the camps, and we couldn’t get any information nor could they been found. So the errors are possible, but 97 percent of the data was checked and is absolutely accurate,.”

He announced that his book  “The executed Sarajevo Serbs ” is to be published soon.