Croatian NAZI quasi church for Serbs re established

Fake  “Orthodox Church” operates  in Croatia (and on Facebook)

Some facts:

The Croatian Orthodox Church was a quasi religious body created during World War II by the Ustasha regime in the NAZI  Independent State of Croatia (NDH). It was subordinated to Vatican and it has been Orthodox by the title only. 

The reason for formation of this church was to divide  Orthodox Christian and establish the Orthodox  Churches as state-based. Since Orthodox Christians lived on the territory of the NDH, which simply penetrated deep into Serbian territory thanks to the permanent extermination and numerous concentration camps (for Serbs) as well as the fact that ‘some countries and peoples of Orthodox Christian faith were friendly to NAZI  NDH, couldn’t have properly organized religious life in NDH (Bulgarians, Romanians, Ukrainians, Montenegrins etc.)’ .  This was also a part of policy to eliminate Serbian traces and existence in the Nazi Croatia. The church lasted from 1942 to 1945, and was intended as a national church to which Serbs living in Croatia would convert, thus making it possible to describe them as “Croats of Orthodox faith”. It had little or no popular support.  It was only recognized by one other Orthodox church, theRomanian Orthodox Church, on August 4, 1944 (at the time, Romania was also under the control of the Fascist regime of Ion Antonescu).


Croatian religious fanatics Ustasha with a starved Serbian Orthodox civilian

And finally the pro ustasha NAZI so called Orthodox so called Church of  Croatia started to operate in Croatia two years ago. 


ZADAR — SPC Bishop of Dalmatia Fotije has called on Croatian President  to stop the formation of the so-called Croat Orthodox Church (HPC).

The Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) dignitary told B92 that there are no conditions for forming such a church, but also that the main problem is the pro-Ustasha stance of its community.

The Croatian Orthodox community is not even registered as an organization, but has been announcing that it is looking to form a Croatian branch of the Orthodox Church.

Fotije has sent a letter of protest, public appeal and letter to Josipović regarding the issue.

He reminded the president that the original “Croat Orthodox Church” was formed in 1942 during the puppet Nazi Independent State of Croatia (NDH) Ustasha regime of Ante Pavelić, when that regime committed genocide against Serbs, Jews and Roma. 

Fotije told B92 that he hopes that the organization will never be registered.

“The founding of this church is not possible. The Church was founded 2000 years ago in Jerusalem. There are no canonical conditions regarding this community, for the formation of a church,” he said.

“Their teachings are problematic, since they base it on some organization that existed during the NDH, in fact, they have said so themselves on their website,” the bishop explained.

The Serb National Council in Croatia has also stood up against the formation of such a church.

“It is clear that is not about religion, or believers, or Christianity, they celebrate, they are in fact inviting evil and hate,” Council Deputy President Saša Milošević said.

The “Croat Orthodox” community has about 400 members.

According to the initiator of the idea to form this into a church, Jelisej Lalatović, and the secretary of the initiative committee, Ivo Matanović, there is nothing wrong with the “restoration of the Church”.

“I noted that it does not go along with Croatian sovereignty for another country to have jurisdiction over the Orthodox people of Croatia,” Lalatović said, in reference to the SPC.

“Some of those people who represent this community have said that they will need religious buildings later. Which means that they can potentially put pressure on our church buildings, our property,” Bishop Fotije said.

“They can also pressure our believers. They claim that Serb churches can exist here. It is a question of ownership, we have our papers, of course, those are our churches and monasteries, but for those kinds of people, sometimes that is not enough,” he added.

Belgrade Politika daily journalist Milenko Pešić said that the goal of the whole concept is to pressure the remaining Serbs in Croatia.

It is a form of intimidation. It is not curious that this Croat Orthodox Church was formed precisely in Zadar, we know that the return of Serbs to that region is going slowly and it seems to me that the idea to set up a church is in a way a plan to stop the return of Serbs,” Pešić said. 

The “Croat Orthodox Church” in question existed only for three years after it was founded in 1942, by a decree issued by the Ustasha regime leader Ante Pavelić. It was not recognized in that time by any of the autocephalous Orthodox Christian churches.


A. Manhattan, Vatican Holocaust