PR WARS AGAINST SMALL NATIONS – How the Big Brother works

This is an excellent article I came across while researching Ruder – Finn’s crime against peace and war crimes against Serbia. The author explains their mechanisms on the Gulf war (Iraq 1991.) 

Fake wars radio

Hitler’s Minister of propaganda, Dr. Goebbels, would recognize the methods. Many of them he invented himself. (“Tell a lie hundreds of times – and it becomes a truth”, for example). He would, no doubt though, envy the advanced technology used in lying. And, I believe, he would envy the boldness, the daring of the modern liars.

Almost two years after the carnage of Iraqi people, where the “neutral” United Nations punished its member (by mutilating some 55,000 children from safe distance – high in the sky) a glimpse of how the leading gangster of the U.N. mob, the U.S., convinced its citizens that the punishment is just and needed – finally surfaced.


No, it was not a front page story. The scandal got mentioned in “Book Review” section of the New York Times, July 5 1992. The review was about two books analyzing the Gulf War, one being John R. MacArthur’s book “Second Front”.     Here is a quote from the review entitled “Should war be left to the generals?”: (Quote NYT, July 5, 1992, Book review, page 19:)     …It was also Mr. MacArthur who blew the whistle on the public relations firm of Hill&Knowlton, retained by the Government of Kuwait to mobilize anti-Iraq feeling, an effort he compares to World War I propaganda about the beastly Hun’s massacre of Belgian babies. As Mr. MacArthur explains here (expanding upon a piece that appeared on the Op-Ed page of this newspaper in January), Hill&Knowlton delivered a young Kuwaiti woman to Congress to speak on Iraqi human rights abuses. Her identity was kept secret, it was said by Hill & Knowlton, to protect her family in occupied Kuwait from reprisals. She claimed to have seen Iraqi soldiers remove incubators from a Kuwaiti hospital, leaving 15 infants who had been in them “on the cold floor to die”. Mr. MacArthur shows that Hill&Knowlton and Congressman Tom Lantosh, who was co-chairman of the hearings (and who himself had many ties to Hill&Knowlton), knew the 15-year-old witness happened to be the daughter of Kuwait’s Ambassador to the United Nations and a member of its royal family, but did not reveal that fact to other members of Congress, let alone the public. Her charges were widely publicized and became a part of President’s Bush’s anti-Iraq rhetoric. Amnesty International, which accepted the story of the alleged atrocity at first, later rejected it… (end quote)



Shocking story, you say. One young, talented, royal liar plus one (out of so many) rotten Congressmen were able to cause (at least) 55,000 unspeakable tragedies.The PR firm was so successful in the orchestration of the “baby killing” that even “humanitarian” organization of Amnesty International fell for it.


Nothing new. Nothing new. Not the first time nor the last. If this “trick” did not work some other would. The point is that TRUTH (lies) are for sale and (for good sum of MONEY) everything becomes truth!

Everything works so fine because the whistle blowers blow the whistle – in time, i.e. AFTER the job is done.

If you blow too early – you may easily choke on that whistle! Recently, fifteen years after the fact,  American public was informed that the U.S. Embassy in San Salvador knew about American supported Salvadorian government mutilation of a whole San Salvador village considered to be “leftist stronghold”.

Of course, I say, they knew – Americans advised and organized the slaughter.   Only now (may be) it is safe to tell the truth.

San Salvador is firmly in America’s grip.


source:  Second Front: Censorship and Propaganda in the Gulf War, John R. MacArthur