Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria… but before them? This article tells the story about that one country….

This is an amazing discovery about the very 1st independent, and one truly socially just society, how it was developed, and, what’s more important, which means were used and by whom to destroy it.  The author is a Russian politic and geopolitical blogger  Дмитрий Беляев.  I  put it – I hope successfully – out of Russian into English.

As we know, history develops in spirals and there are certain patterns in that development. History is a fraught with many mysteries and secrets revealing so that we are always learning something new. Subsequent years after the death of the Soviet Union on the world stage clearly show what can happen in the system when the balance is disturbed.

In the absence of a counterweight to the only remaining superpower his favorite method of spreading death and destruction wherever it was opportune in order to satisfy their geopolitical interests. Using again the old Roman principle of “divide and rule”, the only remaining superpower showed her steel muscles and exercise in demagoguery. Hence the terrible things such as “humanitarian carpet bombing” occurs. In this world ruled by the Power, when the blood is covered with talk of democracy, everyone else has to either accept these conversations as if they are sincere, or to become the next victim of their bloodthirsty leader.

But is this phenomenon not new and unique? As far as we know, no. For example, long before Hitler’s favorite British invented the concentration camp and the tactics of “scorched land” – during the Anglo-Boer War 1901-1902. But it turns out that the total destruction of the states that refuse to fit into the financial system of the Anglo-Saxon civilization has been practiced since two centuries (!) ago. As you know, the private Bank of England was founded in 1693g., Allowing bankers to execute the full power and begin to realize their interest even as the foreign policy in some small island nations.. In the middle of the XIX century one prosperous independent state was destroyed according to the scheme that we see at the end of XX – beginning of XXI century. It was Paraguay. . Paraguay at the time was developing a strong socialist state, completely independent of the corrupt elite, international capital and other mold that so bedevils modern countries.

NATO aggression on Libya often recalls another, but forgotten country, Paraguay. Let us remind how it all began.The destruction of the world’s first socialist state over the most monstrous genocide in human history.

Start to enumerate the facts and try to guess which country is at stake:

1. All power in the country belongs to the state, which has consistently pursued a policy of building a completely independent, self-sufficient economy, which is based solely on its own resources, while minimizing imports.

2. Displacing the national bourgeoisie of the economic and political spheres; the state was given a crucial role in establishing and development of the nation and the distribution of national income.

3. The country had no external debt. Entire foreign trade is a state monopoly. The exports consistently exceed imports, which allowed the state to make large investments in industry and agriculture, without depending on foreign loans.The state attracts foreign capital and foreign (European) experts who are well paid in order help build an advanced, high-tech transportation and communications infrastructure.The state has strict protectionist policies supporting domestic producers (through the introduction of high import duties and the simultaneous reduction of export duties).

4.The national currency is fully stable. The country has established a modern telegraph, railways, river transport.Thanks to governmental support there’s a strong economic recovery in the state, and new industries are developing: steel, textile, paper, printing industry, shipbuilding.Irrigation, dams and canals, new bridges and roads contribute to raising agricultural production.

5. The country is completely conquered illiteracy – the entire population can read and write.

6. Free education (universal compulsory primary education), free medicine .

7. 98% of the land is public property: the state provides farmers plots of land in perpetuity for a nominal rent, in exchange for a commitment to use these areas, without the right to sell. Along with private farmers are large state-owned agricultural and cattle farms – “Place of the Motherland”.

8. The country has set a price ceiling for basic foodstuffs.This is the only country on the continent which doesn’t know poverty, hunger, corruption.

9.Virtually crime. All proceeds are sent to the country to carry out industrialization, support of agriculture, social development and modernization of the army.

10.The country has no commercial brokers, speculators, parasitic classes. It would seem like nothing special. Except the historical epoch – it all happens in the early 1860’s

!Oh my God, what country was that which overtook even the socialist Russia, where such was done only possible in the era of five-year plans, not to mention the rest of the world! Where is it?In South America. And this country is – Paraguay.

Paraguay, one of the most backward, poor and needy of the world’s aid, completely erased from world politics, somewhere in the back of the world, which no one knows anything about! In the mid-19th century, Paraguay was the most secure, advanced and successful country in Latin America. And to add – probably the most independent state as well.

Jose Francia, the first president of Paraguay, who came to power in 1814, and the next president Carlos Antonio Lopez and Francisco Solano Lopez (1862 – 1870) gave the nation a dream, and made the dream has come true. That was something that was an obstacle for the Britain.

Paraguay opposed  to world imperialism, and above all, to the English capital. Moreover, when Francisco Solano Lopez banned British merchant ships entrance to the river Paraguay, that was a direct attack on the ‘holy of hollies’  – the World order established the British Empire, based on the idea that everyone had to buy British goods only. And if not, then you’ll get war (like in the case of China, so called “Opium Wars”)!

All social and economic gains of Paraguay has been achieved without the participation of the world’s capital, relying only on their own, national resources . It was an dangerous example and other states may emulate.The similar example in some aspects (free homes, free education, free medical care, free sports, art schools, state controlled prices of the necessities etc) was a Soviet Union. And therefore it also had to be destroyed. Nowadays, the same example was the world Libyan Jamahiriya. And therefore it had to be destroyed. with the same frenzy the same groups are trying to destroy Belarus, and tomorrow will destroy Iran.And Britain has taken over the case. Mechanism of intrigues and false accusations works again. It must be said that the role of Brazil and Argentina (at the time controlled by the United Kingdom) was quite shameless. British Foreign Minister, Lord Canning , after the British Empire, stated that the goal of the Britain is “Turning Brazil into a home base for the sales of British products in Latin America.”

Argentina is also called “the British dominion.” On the eve of war, British Minister Edward Thornton openly attended as a counselor the meetings of the government in the office in Buenos Aires, where he was sitting next to the president Bartolomé Mitre.

From time to time, Britain used to pit these two countries applying the principle “divide and rule”, but this time they decided to unite all the forces of La Plata, in order to destroy the terrible enemy – socialism .

So, in 1864, Brazil, with the support of Argentina, invades Uruguay, and replaces the Government in Montevideo. Because Uruguay was the only way for Paraguay to the ocean. So the lock on the chains for the Paraguay – clicked. The only remaining card in the hands of Solano Lopez – was the army. He has nothing left to do, but to use it.And Francisco Solano Lopez declared war to he whole world – Brazil and Argentina. In Uruguay, who existed thanks to the aid of Solano and Paraguay, a puppet, pro British government was planted, and it declared war on Paraguay.Actually Solano Lopez declared war on only one country – Britain, but the whole world’s capitalist system felt it as a slap over their face. So the only thing Solano had was the Army. Yes it’s true. The country did not borrow a penny from the world’s capital, relying solely on their own resources, and it was able not only to create an advanced economy and social protection, for almost a century ahead of its time, but also to create and maintain the best army on the continent!.Initially, the military success was on the side of Paraguay. But as the time flown the army was affected by the lack of resources. .Meanwhile, the army of the “democrators” was supplied with a continuous flow from Europe of the most modern weapons and equipment. Paraguay was also cut off from the sea and could not even get their own shipments of weapons (which was immediately re –sold to Brazil!).

The people of Paraguay were ready to die with their president until the end in order to defend their homeland. But the army General, Estigarribia was a traitor (simply was bribed). He organized the capture and surrended his own troops to the British allies: Brazil and Argentina. In 1866, the invaders attacked Paraguay. They faced the heroic resistance of the people.Painfully slow they moved to the capital, Asuncion, without breaking the defense, destroying everything. . Paraguayans did not not surrender and did not leave their positions, It was possible to capture their villages only after every one of the defenders were killed.No less resistant were the civilians, who had taken up arms en masse. Every village, every town had to be taken by storm, and then all the remaining residents, including children, were brutally killed. In 1870, it was over. President Francisco Solano Lopez was killed in battle, fighting alongside with the last man of squad of the army.Results: Paraguayan nation was almost completely destroyed. Over the 90% of the male population killed , including children and the elderly. According to others sources the picture is even more monstrous. Almost 90% of the population was killed so the population went down from 1 million 400 thousand to 200 thousand people, of which men have no more than 28,000!Such a scale of genocide have never occurred, in any country, in the history of mankind.Since then, A hundred and fifty years, and nothing has changed and probably will never change. Paraguay falls into the category of the ‘rogue states’. A was the most advanced, economically developed and successful country on the continent, a forerunner of socialism (of course, in a nutshell, all the same!).But “winners” did not benefit from their crimes. Territorial acquisitions in Argentina and Brazil could not compensate for a fraction of the huge debts, which they got into in order to conduct this first-ever total war.War against Paraguay from beginning to end was funded by British Jewish banking capital – London bank, banking house “Baring Brothers” and the Rothschild banks that have caught into the financial mouse trap the ‘Winners’ Mouse trap was shut.

One country is completely destroyed, with all the nation inhabited it, the other two countries were in bondage to the British (Jewish) bankers,. No one in Uruguay is remembered. Now Uruguay, which became the reason for the destruction of socialist Solano Lopez is not more than the useless spot on the globe, like the current Paraguay.

Paraguayan War was the first attempt to ‘import democracy ‘ in a single independent country. And it has been done with all the means that they use to this day – information warfare, demagoguery, genocide.But it was also the first experience of unprecedented resistance to the invaders. No country in the world did ever so.. The first case of fighting not for the ruler or tyrant, but to fight for an idea, a dream.

As a result, the first in the world socialist state was destroyed. It was a good lesson for the others. And Paraguay was not just destroyed, but literally wiped off the face of the earth. Two other countries – Brazil and Argentina – fell into almost a century long debt slavery and they are in in a complete economic and political dependence of the Britain. Brazil was able to pay off debt for the Paraguayan War only during the Getulio Vargas rule in 1940, For world capitalism exposed in the face of Britain, all turned out very well. True, it had almost completely killed and erased an entire nation – the population of the whole country. But for the British capital is an utter nonsense!

author: Дмитрий Беляев,   translation from Russian into English: me: Bint Lilian Umi alEnah