BLOODY 1 May, 1999. NATO killed 70 Serbs at Lužani

Sixty passengers lost their lives and four were wounded during the bombing of the Nis ekspres bus near the village of Luzani. On that occasion NATO warplanes bombed also the ambulance which came to help the victims when one doctor was injured on 1 May 1999.

Nis ekspress

Niš Ekspress bus after  NATO shelled it

1 May 1999. NATO shelled a bus at Lužani village. The NATO warplanes shelled a bus in 13hrs /1pm “Nis Express” which operated from Nis to Pristina via Podujevo. The bus was cut in half by a shell. Eyewitnesses  saw  a large number of charred and mutilated bodies.  The exact number of victims remained unknown,  but it is assumed that there were about 70 civilians, women and children. The number of casualties could not be determined because the heat developed from shell completely melted issuing tickets reel. Vukadin Jelic, the driver, was also killed.
At 13:50 The NATO alliance once targeted the same spot near Lužani and hit the  ambulance that had come to help the unfortunate passengers of the bus.  Accordinng to NATO officials, all the blodshed in Luzani was “an accident that occurred randomly in order to prevent the supply of Serbian military and police forces that operated inside Kosovo” (!?)
During the war in 1999. the “Nis Express” operated (possibly the single one )  to Kosovo. It was regular, well- organized transportation to Kosovo, the single one, no – NATO operated line.   Drivers were self-reported for work on lines through Kosovo. (page nis