Americans Call First Indian American Miss America Winner a Terrorist

On Sunday September 15, 2013, Miss America 2014 was crowned. Who will be the new Miss America?

Miss America anfas

24 year old Miss New York, Nina Davuluri. Born in Syracuse, New York and having lived in Oklahoma and Michigan, Nina Davuluri is the first ever Indian American crowned Miss America.

When Nina was crowned Miss America, the reaction from viewers is what you’d come to expect from Americans seeing a non-white foreigner with a “weird-sounding name” on their TV screens…

Miss Rika          Miss Mrikaa

Miss Amrika             Miss AMeric

MIss Ika Miss Mrika Miss Rika Miss Rka

They called her a terrorist, of course! Meanwhile they force us to be tolerant towards real terrorists, who, btw stole our holy land. And the same Americans helped them! American hypocricy and ignorance is unlimited.