Mass grave Tomasica through the eyes of Reuters; the abuse of NLP

So here they ride again. The Reuters has again proven that they’re one of the most biased and manipulative news service.  In their latest article  Bosnia digging up mass grave hidden for 20 years by Serb silence,  they couldn’t resist their old  and notorious manner –  bias, half truth, and their permanent problem:  uniqual treatement of the victims.

Let’s make things clear: human lives must be treated as the supreme, highest  value, and murderers and sadists have to be punished properly.

But the IC behaves as if the Serbs were immortal, thus impossible to wound nor kill, meanwhile all the others were  killed, massacred, raped, held in the conc camps, etc.  One  could get the impression that there are certain  nations ( it’s amazing that are always pro NATO nations), who are exclusively granted the role of the victim.

Another thing trully amazes me for years  – no one ever questioned nor investigated what happened to Sarajevo Serbs? There has been over 100 000 thousand Serbs in Sarajevo. Where have they gone, how come that they dissapear?  But the Reuters reports /as usually , about the all time victims –  Bosnian Muslims.

The Reuters in their old manner continues: Forensics experts are excavating what may be the largest mass grave of ethnic cleansing victims in Bosnia, a site whose existence was known for years but exact location covered up by a Serb wall of silence, the state’s missing persons office said. The Reuters takes Bosnian officials statement as truth and nothing but truth, by puting their statemet in the headline, only at the end of the sentence they add that  it actually was a statement of Bosnian person – in charge.

Stop! We have again, the same words which have been used to describe Milosevic (Balkan butcher, Hitler)  and the whole of Serbia in nineties, (The Largest Mass Grave on one side and on the other  evil Serbs who keps silent about it for decades) and it looks like a clear attempt that should suggest that the Serbs are equal to Hitler, and that all what hapened in Bosnia, is their fault.  The Serbs are – who else – and villains  bloody to the elbows  and that’s equal, or even worse! than  German atrocities in World War II.  If not, why should Reuters, in the style of the infamous Christiane Amanpour, ignore the August excavation on  Sarajevo landfill, where Bosnian Muslims  buried thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of Sarajevo Serbs? Why the Reuters  had never published a single line about Serbian victims and sufferings,  if not to suggest that Serbs  only caused suttering to non Serbs, but they themselves never suffered.  Why the Reuters never aired a word about concentration camps where Serbian woman and children have been imprisoned both  in Bosnia and Croatia?

Few lines bellow,  the Reuters knows who – and I quote – COULD be buried (notice the verb – so they’re not sure)  yet in the next sentence we have  the claim that they’re murdered  Muslims and Croats, and  – creme de la creme! – killed by the Serbian separatists!
The Reuters ignores the most basic fact, that it was Bosnia who declared indepence from Yugoslavia, so how could the Serbs be separatists?  Who declared independence from Yugoslavia in Bosnia and Herzegovina?  If the Reuters was telling the truth, it means that Alija Izetbegovic was a Bosnian Serb, since he was the one who  seceded after series of meetings with Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright?

And we have the same attempt again , in the part where the mass grave is described:  “POSSIBLY LARGEST MASS GRAVE”, (the larger the grave is – the more corpses it contains, right?) .   The first bodies at Tomasica were found at the depth of seven metres (23 feet).

Furthermore, there are  more suggestive adjectives : Witness established that around 1,000 people were buried there originally but there are indications that some were subsequently dug up and reburied elsewhere to cover up traces of the crime.  It’s enough to be a non Serb witness and your testimony is supposedly valuable; the international community starts to digg wherever whitnesses point their finger. How come that the same IC  didn’t even start  excavattion of thousands massacred Sarajevo Serbs, who were thrown and burried in the Sarajevo landfil?

(To remind ourselves: Human bones, believed to be the remains of Sarajevo Serbs killed during the war were uncovered at the city landfill in Sarajevo. Sarajevo city dump is believed to be a mass grave of hundreds of Sarajevo Serbs from Pofalići, Buca Potok,  Velešići, Alipašino  and other areas. The discovered remains belong to Serbs whose families and relatives have been vainly searching for even two decades after the war ended.

Although the Prosecution allowed media presence during the exhumation, the manager of the landfill banned their presence at the site. Milan Mandic, of the Association of Families of Prisoners and Missing Persons of Sarajevo Romanija region, couldn’t hide his anger and disappointed with such a decision, adding that it will not prevent them from uncovering the truth about the thousands of missing Sarajevo Serbs whose remains have been thrown at this location.


Detail from the Sarajevo landfill 

Another crucial thing remains unresolved: who ordered those killings of Sarajevo Serbs and who hid the crime for so long
During the war the whole area of the landfill has been under the management and control of the (Bosnian Muslim) government of Sarajevo. After decades of obstacles the research started and Ministry of Interior of Srpska and the Office of the Missing of Eastern Sarajevo organized an excavation which confirmed: the Sarajevo landfill is the site of a mass grave of over hundreds of murdered Sarajevo Serbs.

In  Muslim and Croatian concentration camps over 50 000 Bosnian Serbs and whole  Serbian families had been tortured, raped and starved. One of the most notorious was known as the Sarajevo Auschwitz – former Yugoslav army camp, Viktor Bubanj : )

The global/ist media stubbornly ignores similar discoveries.

There we have the supportive  statement of permanent and exclusive world victims and the same adjectives circulating: the alleged mass grave  is The Largest single mass grave /insinuation there are eqaly large or even larger non single mass graves of Bosnian muslims in Bosnia; and that there has been another one, Crni Vrh containing 629 bodies of Bosnian Muslims ( like it’s possible to have other corpses in Balkans).

There are always some personaly affested individuald who hope for the remains of their beloved ones to be discoveved in Tomasica; therefore one of them hopes for – not less than 3 of his uncles.

Reuters  constantly ingrafts several issues, appying NLP, suggesting, alluding something that, after  Iraq and especially Libya and Syria experience, every thinking person  seriously questions about.