The European Solidarity Front for Kosovo, on yesterday protests in solidarity to Serbian Kosovo: We have shown that peoples of Europe are fighting together against imperialism



1. You are a activis European solidarity front for Kosovo. As part of ESFK mission you visited Serbia last year. Can you tell me something about ESFK, and how was this organization created?

The ESFK was founded in June 2013 following the example of previous successful establishment of the European Front for Solidarity with Syria in which the founders have created this new project and political solidarity to a question that we all had at heart and that is the sovereignty Serbia in the land of her most sacred region of Kosovo and Metohija . The European Front for Kosovo and Metohija acts with the same methodology with which we have acted for Syria obviously with some differences to the different historical situation in which the two countries are having to deal with and then also the practicability and the way to tackle politically the two situations are different. The…

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