Deja vu: Proud liquidator of Yugoslavia offers salvation this time to Bosnia while targeting Srpska

Murderer of Yugoslavia and the most fascist Croatian antifascist, Stjepan ‘Stipe’ Mesic targeting Republika Srpska
The last president of Yugoslavia and former President of Croatia Stjepan Mesic claims to have a solution for overcoming the situation in BiH , where the protests in Croato – Muslim federation last for more than a month. The solution, according to Mesic will be offered to citizens and to the international community .
However , judging by the way his last ’ patient ‘ (Yugoslavia) was euthanized, Serbs and Republika Srpska have to make it clear that Mesic should apply his recipes and cures to his beloved state of Croatia .
It’s amazing that neither IC representatives nor international community found it necessary to make it clear and explain to Mesic that he’s a foreign state official and therefore not invited to ‘ offer ‘ any of his bona fidae services to Bosnia and Herzegovina; the best thing he could resolve is the burning case of compensations, reparations and restitution of real estate Croatia seized after ethnic cleansing of Krajina Serbs, as Brussels administration demands.
Stjepan ‘Stipe’ Mesic, then – president of Yugoslavia in 1991: ‘I acomplished my assignment – Yugoslavia don’t exist anymore’ –

Although the protests are in Croato Muslim Federation only, and they’re (officially) motivated by economic dissatisfaction , Mesic offers – constitutional change instead – and abolition of the entities or regions ( , , or whatever it’s called , ” as he said ) , so that no entity would be one national (!?) You got that? Abolishment of Republika Srpska is what he’s up to. And the reasons are bellow.
Let’s back to 90-ies: after bare blackmail and numerous threats the neo Ustasha Mesic was brought (by the West) to the position of Yugoslavian President; Mesic didn’t waste time: he killed Yugoslavia in order to create neo Nazi Independent state of Croatia.
There is no reason to believe that Mesic’s plans for Bosnia and Herzegovina are different; His beloved Nazi Independent State of Croatia is resurrected through the modern day Croatia. As someone noticed, today’s Independent state of Croatia has the same: Name; Flag; Natioanl emblem; National Anthem; Nazi terminology from WWII; Uniforms; Currency; Ethnic cleansing of Serbs and State sponsored atrocities toward them.
( The Spectator, March 1994 brings the report UNRECONSTRUCTED NAZISM ON DISPLAY – The Germans warmly support the Croats
But one thing differs – for the time being Croatia didn’t manage to get permission to ”swallow” whole of Bosnia.