An open letter to all the American anti – gov, anti Obama protesters and activists: spare me

I may sound unpolite, but this is my honest opinion about the phenomenon known as the American anti gov. protesters, Anti Obama activists etc.

Dear all above mentioned,

The same kind of people run your country for 20 years now already, Steven. But someone finally dares to notice, after two decades, but better late than never.

You have been denied  freedom to hear truth since 1990 but failed to notice that. High wages, nice life, who cares about Balkan wars, for ex; Krajina. Sarajevo Serbs. Serbs from Vukovar. Kravica. Skelani. Klečka. 12 Banja Luka newborns died because your then – goverment purposely didn’t allow our Medics to bring the Oxygen containers and that was necesarry for the babies to stay alive.
But there’s the crisis now in US, emerging every corner of the American society. And it’s actually IN to be anti Obama, it’s socially desireable.
But as for me, You, Obama, Clinton, both Bush father and son, Albright, Hillary, Zimmerman – you are all the same. Perhaps You’re a honest man, but there’s certain selfish dishonesty that bothers me there.
What I fond dishonest is the moment the anti regime protesters in the USA  ( silent insurgency  vs. the American goverment) developed   –  they coincide with the moment  USA started to attacks more powerful states; actually they appeared as consequence of  the increased budget spendings for the wars;  so there’s less money for citizens and others not directly related to the Military/ war issues.

No money for the American way of life as it used to be.  Means  – the crisis reached you. That’s why you are anti gov, anti Obama, anti Hillary. They didn’t fulfill what you expected them to do – to ensure your small existence, your fancy car and a dream home.
And that’s where your anti Obama protest ends. That’s the limit. But honestly you never said you were an anti imperialist, right?

But when your country was murdering and raping, breaking the spine of my little but beautiful and honorable state, – and that was a piece of cake for such a power like your America – you were silent. And when your media portrayed as ugly, dirty, primitive and evil, your beloved state sent your ‘nice’ guys to mutilate and rape our children, in the name of democracy.

The US budget has been  spent for Kosovo Albanians, Turkey, Bosnia, Al Qaeda in Syria; and now there’s the Ukraine; Klichko and Yulia Tymoshenko cost a lot; Euromaidan costs; propaganda costs; Bernard Henri Levy, your old fellow from Bosnia and the walking intellectual shame, costs a lot.
And now there’s – Russia, another  Superpower. There are the nukes. The war against Russia would be too much for the American budget. Unless some old ally participates.
But the American citizens will feel the cost of the clash, every single social class will be subjected to cuts.
And that’s when they will start the rebellion. So not because they DO care about any of us, but because their ” American way of life” would be endangered.
And that’s why I don’t care about any of the anti gov protest in USA, nor activists.
Because you would be fine with killings and enslavement your gov. performs worldwide if you didn’t start to feel the cost of it in your own wallets.
And all the sparkling parols, sayings – are for their internal use only. Foreign policy fall under some other rule.

So all of you just spare me.