The Albanian monstrous crimes: The Мurder of Little Girl Jovana and Her Entire Family

Serbian girl of nearly 11 years, Jovana,  was detained in a camp in the village of Klecka , Lipljan, along with her mother and grandmother . The camp was under direct control of Fatmir Limaj (acquitted by the Hague cangaroo court) and Hashim Thaci.
Hasim Taci used to visit the camp. One day little Jvana was taken by the Albanian terrorists, KLA bandits, Luan and Bekim Mazrreku, who, before the eyes of her mother and grandmother raped the eleven years old girl.
They tortured her, stabbing and cutting her body parts for almost an hour. When they finished, and a child was hardly alive, the monsters burned  her alive in the sight of the unfortunate mother and grandmother .


Klecka – the international forensic team discovering remains of the murdered Serbs

On the scene of the monstrous crime the police found a small  arm of Jovana, cut away from the elbow and partially burned …  The spasm of her small  fingers seemed like begging for help and waving to mother and grandmother .
When asked by Judge Danica Marinkovic how they found out that the girl who was raped and murdered was Jovana, one of the Mazrreku  brothers said: ” When I ripped the girl from the hands of the mother , the woman was calling that name untill we finally executed her; and the  grandma died instantly . ”
Members of Serbian police in addition to other terrorists arrested and the two villains. The Mazreku brothers recognized and described the crimes that were committed in Klecka, and all what they did to little Orthodox Christian girl Jovana.  Their statements  were recorded by Judge Danica Marinkovic;  they took statements , the cameras filmed the crime scene and the villains;


Poems dedicated to martyred Jovana

Such monstrous crimes are globally recognized as a crime;  but in the case of the Serbian girl Jovana,  the world decided to remain silent.


Klecka: Remains of murdered and raped Serb civilians

The Court pronounced the verdict and sent the monsters to prison .
But the West made a strong  pressure after the fall of Slobodan Milosevic; and they were – acquitted!! –  with the generous support of some blackmailed and corrupted Serbs: Biljana Kovacevic -Vuco , Natasa Kandic , Sonja Biserko , Cedomir Jovanovic , Natasa Micic , Borka Pavicevic ,  Miljenko Dereta and other well-wishers to Albanian narco supliers, these criminals  are free . I spoke about  Jovana hundreds of times; I’m trying to record the names of  the martyrs, who died for Orthodoxy, in order to save them for oblivion.

My silent hope is that some Serbs, certainly better that us, picture  Jovana on an icon,  in front of which we all could pray .