Memorial service to Sadilovac martyrs

On 31.July 1942. the Ustasha criminals have murdered and and set fire to 463 men, women and children (of which 149 under the age of 13 ) from Sadilovac, Bugari, Lipovacha and nearby villages.

The only ‘sin’ of the victims was that they were Orthodox Serbs. In this horrible crimes during the Second World War, about 70% of the population of the Kordun region was ethnically cleansed, dozens of predominately Serbian orthodox villages areas to exist.
When the Second world war started, the village Sadilovac had population of 800.
Only 40 Sadilovci residents survive to see the liberation, 1945.
Only five years after modern Croatia illegally seceded from Yugoslavia, and re – adopted their Nazi flag, anthem and Ideology of clerofascism, including persecution and ethnic cleaning of Serbs, in the worst tradition of their Nazi predecessors, during the criminal operation Storm 1995, the village ceased to exist.

Croats Ustase kolju

Croatian Nazi soldiers kill a Serb with a dagger and bayonet.
Independent State of Croatia, WW II

The inhabitants were murdered and wiped away, meanwhile their property was looted, destroyed; real estate has been destroyed and land was taken by the state of Croatia. Today, there’s no Serbs living there.
He reminded that the 463 martyrs from Sadilovac killed and burned in the church.



Memorial plaque with names of the victims in the church of the Birth of the Most Holy Theotokos in the Sadilovac village of Kordun, today in Croatia.

Jacques Hogart: British SAS and Americans were attacking Serbs, their Churches, Monasteries, refugees

The Role of Britain in islamization of Europe: Balkans: –

Jacques Hogard was one of the first Western officers who entered the territory of Serbia after the signing of the Kumanovo Agreement in 1999,


“The Brits had the closest contacts with the KLA. Soldiers of the 20th SAS Regiment were actually engaged with KLA, they provided them with logistics and trained them. This is what I personally discovered on the field,” said Jacques Hogard.”
“When members of KLA ambushed a retreating convoy of Serbian refugees, – and the attack was carried out with the support of the British – I called a Serbian Brigade in retreat, led by Colonel Serkovic, to return and stop Albanian aggressors, which they did.”
When Serbian civilians ran from Pec, they were attacked by Albanian terrorists. I took a helicopter and dispelled them with gunfire from air. Several minutes after the action was over, I got a call from British General Mason, who asked how come, and could it be possible that the fire was opened against his people. I replied :’I cannot understand that your spec. Units sided with bandits who shoot civilians’.
” Mason was quiet,” said Hogard.

  Jacques Hogard was one of the first Western officers who entered the territory of Serbia after the signing of the Kumanovo Agreement in 1999, and there he saw that the information he was giv…

“We were finding bodies of killed Serbs every morning in Kosovo” – MAURO DEL VECCHIO, FORMER GENERAL OF ITALIAN ARMY IN Kosovo i Metohija

Rome – Mauro Del Vecchio, former General of Italian Army who led the unit of 7,000 soldiers that entered Kosovo in June of 1999 after end of NATO air strikes on Serbia told Italian ‘Panorama’ weekly that during the first three weeks of the mandate ‘reports on the found bodies of killed Serbs and Romas arrived on his table each morning’, but that was a taboo topic they were not allowed to speak about with journalists.
“The killings continued later but not so frequently. Those that have not fled Kosovo were under permanent risk to be killed or raped. Deserted Serbian houses were leveled to the ground or set on fire. Albanians were attacking the churches and monasteries, too.
kla crimes.png
 Caption: Clothes and other belongins found on mutilated and decomposed bodies of Serbs, Roma and other non Albanians killed by UCK terrorists. 
Relatives and friends trying to identify pieces of clothes.
Their goal was erase every trace of the Serbian presence in Kosovo’, Del Vecchio said. Today he is representing the Democratic Party in the Italian Senate. .
‘Nobody was taking Serbian bodies that were left in all possible places. Mothers and wives of abducted Serbs were pleading for their dearest to be found, but the majority of them have never been found, not even those that were dead’.
Volujak Massacred
One of massacred Serbs whose mutilated remains were thrown into Radonjicko lake, 1999.
The Italian weekly reports as a horrifying fact that 70 percent of the total number of abducted Kosovo Serbs had disappeared after June 1999 when the war was officially over.
Albanians with cut off Serbian heads
The magazine has also come in possession of photographs that the UNMIK soldiers found in Decani in 2003 but has not published them because they were horrific. They show the KLA members smiling with a cut off head of a Serbian reservist.
Another photography shows them putting in a bag at least two cut off Serb heads. It is also said that at the time when the photographs were made the zone was under the command of Ramush Haradinaj.
Families still searching for their beloved ones


By serving the liturgy and laying flowers at a memorial in Trnovo Bosnian Serbs mark 25 years since Bosnian Muslims murdered 124 Serbian civilians and 157 members of the Serbian army in Trnovo.
Milena Vitković testifies about the massacre committed by the Bosnian Muslim soldiers in the Orthodox holiday of Tierra Maria in 1992. Ten members of Milena’s family have been massacred, including a child of a year and a half. She says that since than every day is the same – she wakes and lays in grief.
“They were all killed in Treskavica, and no one has ever been held responsible or suspect for this crime. But if the Earthy Court doesn’t respond to this crime, as it doesn’t – the God’s judgement will punish the murderers.”
Jela Vitković , whose husband was murdered on this day in 1992, says that  no one has been tried for the crime.
Twenty five year ago the Muslim soldiers took her husband and tied him with ropes and dragged him through Trnovo. His body was found in Rajski do where Muslims thrown it under the tree.

Ilinka Bjelica from the Trnovo area is shaken.  Her husband, Slobodan, was killed the same way ISIS executes ‘infidels’ today  – by cutting his body parts and head off.
Bosnian Muslim jihadists have cut his head off with  motor saw and placed on his chest. Ilinka Bjelica  says that only after eight months she managed to find her husband’s dismembered remains.
,,The death of my husband and other Trnovo Serbs was caused by neighbors with whom we were growing up, working, living…. sharing happy moments and hard times before the war. ”
In the summer 1992. members of the Muslim Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Trnovo municipality near Sarajevo organized concentration camps for Serbian civilians (women, children and elderly), many of which were brutally murdered. More than 80% of crimes against Serbian civilians in Trnovo and the surrounding area has been done in the most monstrous way – by knives, hammers, drowning and burning. Although all the data and facts were established long time ago and the perpetrators are known, none of these crimes have been prosecuted.

Among the victims in Trnovo there was the nine-member family Tešanović, which was executed in the village Ljuta near Kalinovik. The youngest victim was Milun Tešanović. He was only 18 months.

Bosnian muslims were merciless – Serbian children for Trnovo were taken to some of the deadly Sarajevo concentration camps
The material and evidences have been proceeded to the Prosecutor’s Office, all provided by the research team of war crimes of Serbia Ministry Interior, but none of the 54 Bosnian Muslims whose involvement in this war crime was documented, have ever been tried. The criminal complaint survivors filed has never been responded. All the files were sent to Sarajevo in 2001. where all remains buried and forgotten.
Charges were filed against:
1 Edhema GODINJAK,
2 Hajrudin Ploskic called Lelo
3 Munib Ademović
4 Hajrudin Elezović,
5 Ismet Kolar, and others.
They are charged with war crimes against civilians and soldiers. In the villages of Gornja and Donja Presnica and Straisti they killed 13 members of Cvijetić, Samardzija, Šehovac and Kravljača families. They killed 11 civilians in Trebjeca  and others.

Srpske glave
In Bosnia Hercegovina,  for the firts time after the Ottoman tyrany,  Serbs  were killed the same way ISIS executes ‘infidels’ today  – by cutting his body parts and head off.

The chairwoman of the Families of the killed and captured soldiers and civilians of Trnovo municipality, Joka Prorok said that 21 years ago everything Serbian has been massacred or escaped in order to survive the invasion of the USA backed Bosnian Jihadists.
“Those who managed to reach Kalinovik survived, but the elderly , children or sick who remained in their homes were brutally murdered and then set on fire,”
Joka Prorok said that during defending Tarnovo 157 soldiers and 124 civilians were massacred in the most brutal way; Bosnian muslims broke legs and arms of a child of a year and a half.
She stressed that it was done by their Muslim neighbors.
The Bosnian Muslim soldiers captured 69 elderly men and women, children, and women who were unable to escape through Rogoj and Kalinovik. They brought them to Trnovo, where they were tortured.
“After torturing, they locked them in a Church and burned them, together with the priest Nedeljka Popovic,” she said.
The Trnovo mayor Nenad Mišović pointed out that since then the great Orthodox holiday of Tierra Maria is the saddest day for Trnovo,
Mišović pointed out that, unfortunately, so far no one was held responsible for these crimes, and neither Bosnian nor international institutions didn’t do a thing in order to bring the monsters to book.
“We hope that justice will be done, one way or another” he said, adding that Trnovo Serbs must never forget the victims.
The mayor of Kalinovik Mileva Komlenović said that the service was held today at the memorial in Rogoj too where on this day in 1992. 21 Serbian soldiers died.
” Our emotions are mixed today – there are both melancholy and pride,” she said.
According to her, every crime that remains unpunished threatens to repeat itself, and all the criminals have to be punished.

IN the meantime, for war crimes against civilian population and prisoners of war in the municipality of Trnovo, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH has filed an indictment against Edhem Godinjak, Medaris Saric and Mirko Bunoz.

Trnovo Sećanje

Service and citizens paying tribute to the massacred.

Decanska Vinica, a place from which, according to historical sources, wine flowed through special ceramic pipes all the way to Prizren and further, straight to Emperor Dusan’s residence

In Decanska Vinica , ( the heart of Velika Hoca from which , according to historical sources vine flowed all the way to Prizren through special ceramic pipes and further, straight to the chamber of Emperor Dusan) , famous “Decani vine” is produced.

– From Velika Hoca all the way to Prizren, according to tradition, led an aqueduct for vine, vineduct; that’s where through the ceramic pipes vine flowed to the palace of Serbian Emperor Dušan the Mighty .
Velika Hoca vineyards belongs to the Decani Monastery , whose monks even today use the same ancient wine cellars for production and storage. Before the aggresion on our Kosovo and Metohija , the Monastery processed over 160 hectares under the vine, each hectare was planted from 10,000 to 12,000 vines . The most commonly grown varieties of wine grapes are prokupac , and game cormorant , white smederevka and Riesling . Wine is always accompanied by a domestic brandy.

– As for the vineyard that are close to the ‘Albanian territory,’ after the massacre of 14 wheat reapers in Staro Gacko, no one dares to go there; but the Albanian usurpers are selling them out, as if they’re their property.
Father Marko warns that due to the lack of security and living in isolation, surrounded by the Albanian unfriendly environment, large number of the vineyards owned by Serbs have been destroyed. Father Marko spent last fifteen years struggling to survive in Metohija as well as to “break through” the isolation in which they are captured.
The monastic vineyards spreads over ten acres of soil; annual production of high quality grape (varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and the cormorant) reaches 50,000 liters of both red and white vines. Father Marko says if necessary, the grapes are purchased from villagers whose basic occupation is wine and brandy production.


Velika Hoča Wine

The Great War: Arad, Austro Hungarian Hell For 15000 Serbs


Three years ago, on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War , the municipality of Arad in the Romanian part of the Banat decided to rearrange  two cemeteries of Serbian internees who have died from 1914. to 1918. The camp in Arad fort ress, where Serbs were detained by the order of the Austro-Hungarian authorities, was primarily intended for Serbs expelled from the territory of the former Austro-Hungarian province of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kingdom of Serbia and other Serbian regions, and there were about  15 000 of Serbs imprisoned .

Srbi u ARADU

Among the captives there was a smaller number of Russians and other Slavs.

– The Arad camp was a part of the vast genocidal system conceived and applied by the Viennese establishment with clear intention to physically liquidate and eliminate the Serbian people . Headquarters of the entire system for the mass extermination of ethnic Serbs  run a network of concentration camps in Bosnia and Croatia , the Czech Republic , Slovakia, Hungary , Slovenia, Austria and Romania. From this irrational hatred of the dual monarchy emerged the camp in Arad fortress as an imperial institution for   displaced Serbs – Vladimir Ćorović wrote in his ” Black Book ” where he describes the guidelines of the Viennese Plan.

Srbi ARAd
Dovođenje srpskih zarobljenika u logor smrti Arad 

Serbian Pow’s and captured civilians arriving to death camp Arad. 

Here are just a few of implemented ” guidances ” of the monstrous plan : – Just before and during the First World War , through military courts numerous Serbian civilians have been sentenced to death and killed in huge numbers; while  soldiers were killed without trial .
On August 14, Near Foca, modern Bosnia and Herzegovina, 126 local Serbs were killed;
In Trebinje, in Austro Hungarian barracks, in the presence of the commander of the garrison, 79 of the most prominent Trebinje Serbs were hanged including two Orthodox priests .


ARAD: Prisoners from Doboj, Banja Luka ” still in clean and  undamaged clothes” – quote

Real progroms took place in Srem (then – Austro Hungaria, modern Serbia) In Zemun near Belgrade 50 people were hanged without trial . The gallows were erected in  27 villages of Srem . Lot of completely innocent men and women were killed.
Forced displacement of population from the Serbian border regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro toward the interior of the Empire is another measure brought to punish Serbian people. At that time, ” the wise Western democracy” didn’t even think of applying the term “ethnic cleansing ” for these ‘measures’ the Viennese rulers applied on Serbs.

Austrougari ubili srpske dečake
Austrougarsko streljanje srpskih dečaka 

Austro Hungarian troops executing Serbian boys

Before and during the First World War Austro Hungarian military courts sentenced to death and killed large number of Serbian civilians , while their army executed thousands of Serbs without trial . General Oskar Potiorek , commander of BiH ,  a frustrated Slovene and huge Serb-hater, has established by order of Vienna auxiliary militia the infamous  Schutzkorps.  The Schutzkorps units consisted of  Bosnan Muslims and Croats. They had unlimited freedom to attack Serbs , to humiliate, right to looting , burning their houses , to desecrate and burn their (Orthodox) churches and monasteries , and even to kill them without any consequence nor responsibility.

Austrougari vešaju srpske žene u Mačvi 

Austro Hungarians killing Serbian women in Macva region, Serbia 

The Serbs were brought to Arad by train and thrown into prison cells . During  one Sunday afternoon , as it is written , Austro Hungarians ” brought 274 Serbian political prisoners from Dubrovnik , Sibenik, Split and Zadar .” At the beginning they were placed in the military facilities as much as 80 persons per room. As the number of prisoners grew, they were transferred to the basement to sleep on the straw covered benches . Due to the desperate living conditions  and starvation , the variety of infectious diseases erupted:  fever and tuberculosis  finished off what sadistic conc camp keepers didn’t:
few dozens of Serbian people of all ages ( children, women , adults) died daily.

Serbian journalist Radivoje Markovic, whose uncle was killed in the Arad Fortress’s kazamat, wrote:

– Compressed in damp and clummy underground  corridors where light never reach , the internees were suppressed in the unbearable stench. They suffocated in an unbearable odor. In winter , Austro Hungarians kept them almost nude and barefoot in icy areas on the concrete floor so their feet were freezing . Due to that torture the amputation of limbs crippled many inmates , especially juveniles . They were tortured by thirst , tied around a stick and beaten to death , put in iron chains; women ang girls were mass raped until death.

For those who speak Serbian and wanna know more about Arad and Serbian inmates, there are several sources, for ex:


About Arad, but also other WW I conc and death camps for Serbs (Doboj, Foča) and their sufferings in Bosnia and Hercegovina, by  Vladimir Ćorović  (1885 – 1941) :
Crna knjiga, patnje Srba Bosne i Hercegovine za vreme svetskog rata 1914 – 1918.

Crna knjiga Ćorović

Crime without punishment: Anniversary of the Velika Massacre

On this day, 28. July 1944 in the village of Velika, northern Montenegro, two SS divisions – Prince Eugene composed  mostly of ethnic Germans, and SS Skanderbeg, SS Handzar made ​​up of Albanians and local Muslim (,,Bosniaks”) population, committed genocide against residents of Velika in northern Montenegro .

On that day, the SS divisions, in the cruelest possible way have killed over 600 Serbs of Velika, mostly women and children.

Šiptar kolje sveštenika WW II

Albanians killing Serbian orthodox priest – Albanian extremist killing a Serb Orthodox Abbot of Devic – Damaskin Boskovic, 2nd World War Albanian Nazis comitted terrible crimes against Serbs in WW2 in presence of German and Italian occupation forces.

– This is a place covered with blood of innocent children, women and old men who were denied their right to live just because they belong to another religion or nation compared to those who were pulling their knives. Their hatred was gruesome, and left more than a hundred murdered children in the unthinkable ways. They killed even the unborn, by extracting them from the womb of mother and throwing up to stab them by knives, or throwing them, together with mother, to fire,  Testifies Dusan Simonovic, whose wife Milica Simonovic, has been slivered by bayonets and child  was grabbed from the womb before the very eyes of her children, who were forced to watch what happens to their mother.

“And my daughters died: Zorka 14 years, Krstinja eight, two years old son Milorad, Mato was four  They caught him alive, and cut down his legs at the knees, tied him up and hung on a plum tree with  his little head turned down, “, evokes hard memories  the witness of the massacre Dusan Simonovic.

SS SKenderbeg

Albanians  using every opportunity to murder their Orthodox Christian neighbors –  SS Skenderbeg

Representatives of non-governmental organizations “Klub Velika”  (Velika Club) have officially handed over to the Government of Montenegro’s initiative for establishing the full truth about the massacre in the village of Velika, where on 28 July 1944. villains slaughtered children, the elderly and women.

Albanians and Bosnian Muslims still represent majority in Plav. No one has ever been held responsible for the Velika mass slaughter of women and children. 

– Since the massacre in Velika from 28 July 1944.  shouldn’t be forgotten, but kept in eternal memory as warning, we demand that the Government of Montenegro forms a state commission, which would include qualified Velika residents (such as witnesses, family members of the victims), , with the task to establish the exact number of the people  killed, with basic personal data of the victims. We seek to establish exactly the data concerning  all military units involved in this crime, as well as their commanders and composition, with the personal data of their members during the bloody orgy in Velika.


Handzar, Bosnian muslim division of the German SS in Bosnia and territories in northern Montenegro and southern Serbia

It is necessary to shed light on the motive of the crime, whose monstrosity and  proportion to the population is considered to be one of the gravest in Yugoslavia.  The Government of Montenegro is required to cooperate with the descendants and to raise a worthy monument – memorial Center for victims of genocide in Velika.

They were slaughtered in just two to three hours. Beastly. The village moaned. We watched anxiously to them mocking while slaughtering mothers….   The moment to mark this site has come long time ago, and  this place has to be remembered as one of the three largest execution site in Europe in World War II, when we take into account the total population, percentage of the massacred  and territory –  explains the survivor, witness of Velika massacre,  Gojko Gojkovic (84 years), who lives in Belgrade.


Photo: Dr Gojko Gojković, Velika massacre survivor

–  The desire of evil to destroy, dismantle us as humans was evident . The crime was premeditated and planned, and, later,  in the name of (false) brotherhood and unity, ignored. But the memory must not stop. The crime has to be remembered. The crime has to warn.


Šiptar dobrovoljac

Albanians were very eager to prove themselves as Hitler’s faithfull ally  – registering as a SS volunteer

Klub Velika invites Islamic Community in Montenegro to clearly and unequivocally distance from the genocide and condemn crimes against humanity, that the Bosniaks-Muslims, whose majority joined Nazi units, committed against the civilian Orthodox population of Velika.

Velika kod Plava

Orthodox church in Velika – The memorial had to be kept in discretion, not to make the perpetrator’s progeny uncomfortable 

Since the total of 814 victims have been of Plav and Gusinje municipalities, and in Velika massacre two-third of children of our village vanished, we demand that Plav  municipality declares July 28 the Day of remembrance of the victims of genocide in Velika.

Muslimani-SS muftija jerusalimski

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, inspects a honor guard of the Bosnian Muslim Waffen SS division Handzar

Since Plav and Gusinje are ruled by Bosnian Muslims and Albanians, the same nationals like those who committed the crime,  seemes that there’s a tiny hope to get anything in memory of the people killed in Velika.
Therefore, few years ago,  the inhabitants have started an online petition and it can be seen and signed here:

The Velika Martyrs – for those who speak Serbian there’s a documenttary book about the horrors  and agony in Velika

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