Albanian terrorists as official NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo – photo evidence

I remember watching ancient Orthodox Christian monasteries in flames in Kosovo dozen of times.

Old, noble constructions, spiritual and historical testimonies of past times.
I also remember that majority of Orthodox Christian monasteries, churches and relics have been attacked and destroyed after NATO forces (officially: KFOR) took full control of the Serbian province.
It amazed me to see how Western soldiers, under full equipment and heavy armament, often didn’t make a single move to stop Albanian violence; over 200 000 Serbs had to flee, in order to save their bare lives, bearing whole their lives in few suitcases if they were lucky enough.

KFOR Pogrom

Photo: Could he be more devoted to Albanians? NATO peacekeeper calmly observe Albanians destroying Serbian, Christian monastery

It turned out that indeed, Albanian terrorists WERE  (still are?) part of NATO, so-called peacekeeping forces in the province of Kosovo and the evidence is here. There’s the Albanian nationalist guy, wrapped in Greater Albania flag, certain Lami, who is at the same time – a Swiss peacekeeper!

Albanian terrorists as official NATO peacekeeping.jpgAlbanian terrorists as official NATO  pc.jpg

Albanian terrorists as official NAT.jpgAlbanian terrorists as official NATO P.jpg

So this opens more questions: How many ISIS members have been deployed in Iraq as peacekeepers?
ISIS in the morning, anti-ISIS in the afternoon?
SIS uses the same method Albanians applied in the province of Kosovo Metohija – destroying and removing every trace of Christianity (the picture below are from Kosovo province): 

KFOR / NATO in Kosovo observed it all, allowing it to happen. When the Serbs tried to complain, addressing both international community and global media, nothing ever happens.
I was told that there were the KLA terrorists wearing KFOR uniforms and that people often heard the ‘peacekeepers’ speaking -Albanian language.
I heard that there are plenty of KLA terrorists under the USA, Belgian, German, Danish flag operating as part of their peacekeeping forces.

Btw, None of the media such as Reuters, DW, BBC, CNN, FOX… nor politicians and officials have ever apologized since sixteen years after the NATO & Albanian aggression, invasion and occupation, all the stories about the genocide of Albanians are proven to be false. What we got was genocide, but of Serbs, who were bestially murdered, their ancient monasteries and homes flattered, their organs sold.
Plus there are still over 3000 Serbs missing; but who is going to investigate and search for them, Albanian nationalists disguised as peacekeepers certainly not.
Who is going to take responsibilities for all the consequences of such lies (i.e. genocide of Albanians,  mass graves containing murdered Albanians, over hundreds of thousands of dead Albanians, etc)?
In order to avoid reporting the truth, global media had to make up and construct their own reality, which has nothing to do neither with facts nor with how the things happened in Kosovo i Metohija.
That could be the reason why they keep silent of Albanian terrorists playing the role of ”peacekeepers”.
I can’t even imagine what kind of stories have been served to real and honest peacekeepers by these terrorist Trojans among them.

And here we got, In August anno domini 2015 (16 – 17 years later) repetition of the same Albanian propaganda. The Telegraph, in the article  Inside Kacanik, Kosovo’s jihadist capital  (  speaks about Kosovo Albanian terrorist groups, (what a surprise. We have been writing about the Albanian terrorism here in TMJ for years) but pushes the old, proven to be false, stories. For example:

The caption of the photo below says (quote):
Captain Andy Phipps from the British Army holds his head in hands as he looks over the site of a possible mass grave of nearly 100 ethnic Albanians in southern Kosovo  Photo: Reuters

Even though Kosovo Metohija province has been under NATO and Albanian rule since 1999, and, despite all their investigations and research – no mass graves containing murdered Albanians have been discovered ( at the same time no serious search for still missing 3000 Serbs ever occurred; no officials mourns near and around Klecka, or Radonjicko lake, no Reuters to target these locations as places of mass murder of Serbs!)  – we go it in the British Telegraph!
There must be a place in hell for corrupted journalists, for sure.

Whenever Serbs civilians complained about the alliance between Albanian nationals and NATO forces, local HQ -es ignored the complaints.

Meanwhile over one hundred Orthodox Christian churches and monasteries have been completely destroyed.
(That’s the same method ISIS implements nowadays in Syria.)
Another interesting question arises, after so-called Kosovo PM, Hasim Taci, attempts to list all the Serbian Orthodox heritage, built and raised by medieval Serbian kings and emperors, as ‘Kosovo’ heritage; could we expect the similar request from Albanian Middle eastern alter ego, ISIS. the same request concerning Malaua and Palmyra, just to mention the two.

*the article was written for There Must Be Justice in August 2015.