Crime without punishment: Anniversary of Genocide in Velika

Crime without punishment: Anniversary of Genocide in Velika

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On this day, 28. July 1944 in the village of Velika, northern Montenegro, two SS divisions – Prince Eugene made ​​up mostly of ethnic Germans, and SS Skanderbeg made ​​up of Albanians, supported by the local Muslim (,,Bosniaks”) population, committed genocide against residents of Velika in northern Montenegro .

On that day, the two SS divisions, In the cruelest possible way have killed over 600 Serbs of Velika, mostly women and children.


Photo archive: Albanians butchers at ‘work’, murdering Velika resident

– This is a place covered with blood of innocent children, women and old men who were denied their right to live just because they belong to another religion or nation compared to those who were pulling their knives. Their hatred was gruesome, and left more than a hundred murdered children in the unthinkable ways. They killed even the unborn, by extracting them from the womb of mother and throwing up to stab them by knives, or throwing them, together with mother, to fire,  Testifies Dusan Simonovic, whose wife Milica Simonovic, has been slivered by bayonets and child  was grabbed from the womb before the very eyes of her children, who were forced to watch what happens to their mother.

“And my daughters died: Zorka 14 years, Krstinja eight, two years old son Milorad, Mato was four  They caught him alive, and cut down his legs at the knees, tied him up and hung on a plum tree with  his little head turned down, “, evokes hard memories  the witness of the massacre Dusan Simonovic.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations “Klub Velika”  (Velika Club) have officially handed over to the Government of Montenegro’s initiative for establishing the full truth about the massacre in the village of Velika, where on 28 July 1944. villains slaughtered children, the elderly and women.


Albanians and Bosnian Muslims still represent majority in Plav. No one has ever been held responsible for the Velika mass slaughter of women and children. 

– Since the massacre in Velika from 28 July 1944. warns, we demand that the Government of Montenegro forms a state commission, which would include qualified Velika residents (such as witnesses, family members of the victims), , with the task to establish the exact number of the people  killed, with basic personal data of the victims. We seek to establish exactly the data concerning  all military units involved in this crime, as well as their commanders and composition, with the personal data of their members during the bloody orgy in Velika.

SS Handyar

Handzar, Bosnian muslim division of the German SS in Bosnia and territories in northern Montenegro and southern Serbia, wearing Moorish fezzes.

It is necessary to shed light on the motive of the crime, whose monstrosity and  proportion to the population is considered to be one of the gravest in Yugoslavia.  The Government of Montenegro is required to cooperate with the descendants and to raise a worthy monument – memorial Center for victims of genocide in Velika.

They were slaughtered in just two to three hours. Beastly. The village moaned. We watched anxiously to them mocking while slaughtering mothers….   The moment to mark this site has come long time ago, and  this place has to be remembered as one of the three largest execution site in Europe in World War II, when we take into account the total population, percentage of the massacred  and territory –  explains the survivor, witness of Velika massacre,  Gojko Gojkovic (84 years), who lives in Belgrade.

– Desire of the evil to destroy, dismantle us as humans, was evident . The crime was premeditated and planned, and, later,  in the name of (false) brotherhood and unity, ignored. But the memory must not stop. The crime has to be remembered. The crime has to warn.

Klub Velika invites Islamic Community in Montenegro to clearly and unequivocally distance from the genocide and condemn crimes against humanity, that the Bosniaks-Muslims, whose majority joined Nazi units, committed against the civilian Orthodox population of Velika.


Orthodox church in Velika – The memorial had to be kept in discretion, not to make the perpetrator’s progeny uncomfortable 

Since the total of 814 victims have been of Plav and Gusinje municipalities, and in Velika  massacre the two-thirds of a children of our village vanished, we demand that Plav  municipality declares July 28 the Day of remembrance of the victims of genocide in Velika.

Jerusalem mufti ss handzar

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, inspects an honor guard of the Bosnian Muslim Waffen SS division Handzar

Since Plav and Gusinje are ruled by Bosnian and Albanians, the same nationals of those who committed the crime, thus there’s a little hope to get anything in memory of the people killed in Velika, the inhabitants have started  the online petition and it can be seen and signed here: