Former prime minister of Kosovo is the head of organ trafficking in Europe, claims Nigerian NMA

Former prime minister of Kosovo is the head of organ trafficking in Europe, claims Nigerian NMA

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Nigerian high official, gov. Okorocha implicated in human trafficking

Ihedioha Slams Okorocha Over Sacking Of 3000 Imo Workers

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state has been accused of allegedly collaborating with Kosovo, Turkey, Croatia and other countries to carry out human organs trafficking.

This accusation was made by the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), through the chairman of the Private and General Medical Practitioners in the state, Dr Philip Njemanze, Nigerian Pilot reports.

Njemanze, who spoke during a press conference after an emergency meeting of the association in Owerri, the state capital, said:

“For the first time in human history, a government has declared itself an organ trafficking cartel. Imo state government is using the state health facilities to facilitate organ trafficking network.

“Foreign collaborators of the state government from Turkey, Kosovo, Croatia and others are already here in Imo to perfect creation of the network. It is an international network with Rochas as its local head. A former prime minister of Kosovo (Hashim Taci) is the head of organ trafficking in Europe and he is a friend of Okorocha.”

The aggrieved medical practitioner also alleged that Governor Okorocha’s recent trips to Turkey, Kosovo, Croatia and other Latin American and Asian countries as well as the building of the new 27 general hospitals in the state, are testament to the fact that the governor is party to organ trafficking business in the state.

When contacted, Sam Onwuemedo, the governor’s senior media adviser explained through a text message that the allegation “is an old story that is being handled by local authorities.”

Claims of organ harvesting executed by the terrorists from so called  Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) during and after the aggression on then Yugoslavia /Serbia  are being investigated by the EU-named US prosecutor John Clint Williamson and Serbian side has been inforrmig him about the ongoing issues concerning the case, ass well as about witnesses.

Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty staated in a hard-hitting 2010 report that senior KLA commanders – including current Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci – were involved in illegal organ trafficking.

Of course that Thaci as well as Albania have denied the accusations and condemned Marty’s report, as well as Sunday’s revealing of the witness and his claims.

In addition to Dick  Marty,  and Gerard Gallucci ( former head of UNMIK in northern Kosovo), came out with claims that the U.S., UK , Germany , France and Italy ”  have been well informed about human organs trafficking as well as the “black surgery”  the kidnapped Serbs in Kosovo were exposed to.  ” Regardless of whether we know  or not what happened , the great ‘ Quint ‘  (the above mentioned states) certainly knew . They have the information , resources and a long history of cooperation with KLA.  “No matter what the truth about organ trafficking is, the involvement of some top world leaders is certain and confirmed in this international crime and corruption , “says Gallucci . In 2011. Galluci predicted that  “Kosovo PM” Thaci will remain PM,  regardless what  Dick Marty’s report says because he’s protected by the United States and other Western powers.”

That’s exactly what happened.

At the benning the rumors were silent, but as time goes by, they cannot be ignored anymore, that it was Camp Bondsteel not Medicus hospital.  –  In this sense, the right place to explore the crimes of  human organ trafficking of kidnapped Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija is the U.S. military base, Camp Bondsteel “.

From the very beginning of organ trafficking crime discovery, the USA and UK sought to overturn Dick Marty’s report which indicated that their puppet Hashim Thaci, head of the mafia in Kosovo , and “Kosovo” PM  has been involved in the trafficking of human organs . However , traces of the monstrous human organ business go back, far beyond the Dick Marty’s report, to the scariest and darkest discovery in the history of Wars:
These crimes didn’t start in Kosovo, but in all the territories of the SFRY weher NATO came into armed conflict with the Serbian people .

 Thus the Nigerian mention of Croatia and their doctor’s involvment doesn’t come as surprise, on the contrary. During the simultanous NATO & Albanian aggression on Yugoslavia,  an Australian  of Croatian descent, Craig Jurisevic, has proudly joined Albanian terrorists, with arms in one and scalepl in the other hand.
Craig Jurisevic was glorified by West,  meanwhile even the basic common sense had to ask: Why would a doctor, who’s even not an Albanian, (no patriotic sentiment,the call of blood and soil excluded), why would he join terrorist units?

Craig Jurisevic

Because no organ harvesting without surgeons. That’s why.

Dr. Jurisevic is an Australian Croat. The whole organ harvesting ‘business’ actually started in Croatia, 1991. ( Neonazi monster state,  supported by the West (again!).
The bloody industry of death began  in the RSK (Serbian territories in Lika, Banija, Kordun, Slavonia;  after 1995 all illegaly occupied by Croatia) where the organs of captured and imprisoned Sers were extracted for the rich in the West and Petrol- monarchy ( i.e. Saudi Arabia) .

There was a hospital in Vukovar led by drVesna Bosanac (between 30 July and 19 November 1991); that’s  where, for the first time,  took place serious abuses of medical ethics and international humanitarian law – the refusal to provide adequate medical assistance to wounded civilians of Serbian nationality (many Serbian children), and sending Serb civilians to physical liquidation. Among the most serious crimes committed in Vukovar hospital was the forcible take of  blood from Serbs civilians, till the last drop, and literally.
For this purpose Serbs living in Vukovar were forcibly brought to the hospital by members of the Croatian National Guard.
vesna bosanac
(yet Croatia considers Vukovar a city  – hero. something like their own Stallingrad even.  Incredible. )
As NATO proxies moved in further destructuion of Yugoslavia, the monstruos organ harvesting business chages the area.
 The crime continued in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  That’s exactly where Islamists got into the business. Jihadists, mujahedins as well as neonazi Croats (all supported by the West; but this time by Muslim world, too)  were keeping Auschwitz like conc camps for Serbs while global(ist) media filmed set up propaganda clips airing them as a bare naked truth, real documentaries.
 There were doznes of prisons in which Sarajevo Serbs were tortured, raped and massacred.  Their faith still, twenty years later, rema9ins unknown.The West, Gulf states, Turkey with all the means supported Bosnian radical islamists, and even bombed local Serbs in their behalf); that’s the first time (after Soviet era Afghanistan ) that Al Qaeda appears as an Western ally.
Chopped and beheaded Serbian bodies never appeared on ANY of the global media.  But they appear in the memoirs  former mujaheddins published after the war, as a trophy.  Ali Ahmed Al Hammad, (Bahrain)  former Al Qaeda member and commander of ruthless ‘El Mujaheddin’ wrote memoirs titled ‘In the Network of Evil’  describing their ‘holly war’ vs. Serbs (on US, EU, Turkish, Gulf states side) in Bosnia
Why did the West ignore suffering of Orthodox Christian in behalf of Sharia and radical Islam?  Because the Serbs have been used (and) as ‘sources’ for organ supply.  That’s why no investigator, no camera neither journalist, ever investigated conc camps and prisons where the Serbs were kept.
That remains the darkest secret of Balkan wars.
The one who suspected something misteriously dies, and his findings and work have been lost…  His name was  Xavier  Bernard  Gaultier.
Durning 1996. Xavier Bernard Gaultier  who was a  Le Figaro journalist and expert for  Balkans was found hanged in his apartment in Spain. Spanish authorities had no doubt about the cause of death , thinking that it was a suicide. However , the circumstances were more than strange .
He was found with hands bound . On the wall of the house  was written ” traitor ” and ” Red Devil ,”  – that was the nickname of Robert de la Fave, an Italian mercenary who fought in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Croats, and revealed to Gaultier plenty of  details concerning the arm shipments from Austria and  – organ  shipment transportation to Italy. One French journalist  the press that Gaultier investigated and  wrote an  article about issues extremely risky for his life. ” It was about war criminals from former Yugoslavia , but also VIP Italians” There were certain informations that thousands of Sarajevo Serbs (majority still missing ?!) had the same faith and that their organs were sold to USA , Germany and Scandinavia to Qatar.
Xavier discovered that only one body can realize revenue of as much as two million eu. Xavijer Gaultier wrote how the organ reapers always ensure that their victims do not lose ” a single drop of blood ” so  the rippers would use the overall body in its totality for sale.
That’s the reason the organ harvesters follow the world’s war spots , –  they generate enormous revenues .
This gruesome fact unveils the most horrendous, yet hidden crimes in the former Yugoslavia – a crime committes  against the Serbian people, men, women and children; The crime the world covers up before our very eyes.

February 2014, Syria –  TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkish hospitals that receive  wounded Syrian citizens steal their body organs to be sold in the black market. – According to a report by the Lebanese al-Safir daily, trafficking the injured Syrian people’s body organs is a phenomenon which has intensified in Turkish governmental hospitals.The doctors have confirmed that out of 62,000 injured Syrian civilian and military personnel who were transported into Turkey, were with organs excised and their bodies were sent back into Syria to be buried, al-Diyar stated. Al-Diyar said European scientific websites acknowledged that body organ transplantation operations had increased in Turkey over the past two years, since the beginning of the crisis in Syria. “

Sounds familiar. The same happened to captured Serbs throughout Balkans. And even though they are officially known, proven to be involved, Turkish /Israeli team  Dr Yusuf Sonmez and Moshe Harel  still remain intact.
Any doubt about who’s behind all the blodshed commited by Boko Haram in Nigeria?

boko haram