Albanian monstrous crimes: KLECKA: Suffering and Мurder of little girl Jovana in Klecka

Posted on September 5, 2015 by Grey Carter


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Serbian girl Jovana was only 11 years old when Albanian terrorists captured, beaten and detained iher together with rest of the  family.
They were taken in a camp in the village of Klecka , Lipljan, along with her mother and grandmother . The camp was under  direct rule and control of Fatmir Limaj (acquitted by the Hague cangaroo court) and Hashim Thaci.
Hasim Taci used to visit the camp. One day little Jovana was taken by the Albanian KLA bandits, Luan and Bekim Mazrreku, who, before the eyes of her mother and grandmother raped the eleven years old girl.
They tortured her, cutting her body parts for hour and forcing mother and grandmother to watch and listen…
When little Jovana  was almost dead,  they burned her alive, in the sight of the unfortunate mother and grandmother .
On 27 August, in the region of Klecka, at the height of 1,044 meters the Serbian police discovered a base of Albanian terrorists and a crematorium with the remnants of burned bodies.
According to testimonies  of captured Albanian terrorists Ljuan and Bekim Mazreku from Orahovac, those were the remains of Serbs kidnapped by the  Albanian /NATO terrorists in June ’99.. The terrorists have abducted over one hundred people of Serb nationality from  streets,  fields, hospitals, pharmacies, but also from their homes and apartments. The terrorists took them by buses to Klecka and imprisoned them in improvised camps.  
There were the evidence to believe that most of the abducted Serbs were killed right there. It was  difficult to determine the number because the victims’ bodies were burned and almost completely turned into ashes. So far, the remnants of 22 bodies were found. In one group of those murdered by gun, there were three elderly and two younger men, three women of the age of around thirty and two children aged seven to eleven. According to the  captured terrorists, the KLA bandits have set up firing squadrons, numbering up to twenty “soldiers”. Following the pattern of Fascist reprisals, they tied the people, aligned them and shot them. Then they threw their bodies in a lime processing plant, an improvised crematorium.
“From a group of kidnapped persons, we snatched a girl. I heard someone calling her Jovana. I do not know if that was her mother. I was ordered to hold her while they raped her. Then one of the three commanders, Gani Krasnici told me to rape her. She was crying and screaming while we raped her, mumbling something in Serbian. We did not understand anything. Those who looked on were crying. Then we were told to take all women side and then gang raped them. Then Gani told us to mutilate them. The boy was around 8 years old. They were Serbs. At first, I did not want to do it, but later I had to. I cut off a woman’s ear and did not want to touch the child. The others did just about everything. They cut off their ears, gouged their eyes out and cut off their hands. I saw them gouging a woman’s eyes, both arms and then cutting both ears. I saw Skender Krasnici cutting off body parts, but I do no remember if it was a woman or a man. After that, the twenty of us were ordered to lign up and shot them. I was third in the group. In the firing squad there were also Dardan Krasnici, Skumbin Krasnici, Nebin, Ismet, Basken and Bekim Mazreku, Besim and Abazi Betici and Skender Krasnici. I do not remember the others. The person’s arms were tied up in one group. When we were ordered to shoot, I said no, I could not. The girl I raped and a woman with a child, whose ear I cut off, came before me. When I saw them, I lifted the gun and said I was not going to shoot them, I have had enough. Daniel hit me over the face and took my automatic rifle away. He took me to the group that was to be shot and said I was to be shot too. Hasni Kidaj and Skender Krasnici came, pointing a gun at me and took me out from the group. All the time Gani was standing behind, holding a gun with a tromblone mine and said that I would be shot unless I shoot them. I did not have any choice, I had to shoot.
The man they called Tiger gave the order to shoot.  Ready, steady, shoot. We all shot at once at the group. We were shooting utill the ammunition lasted. We checked whether they were dead and then shot again. There have been some 100 people in the camp, abducted Serbs and several Albanians. Among those abducted, there were several policemen. All of them were previously mutilated or massacred before being shot. They were individually buried in graves, along the roads exiting Klecka, on the way to Sedlarvillage.The graves have not been marked at all.” Aslan Klecka was in charge of teaching us to pray and worship. He told us that after the banishment of Serbs the Albanians will be the most devoted of Moslems in the world”
Klecka terrorist
On the scene of the monstrous crime the police had found a small  cut off arm of Jovana, cut away from the elbow and partially burned …

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Spasm of the little fingers seemed like begging for help and waving to mother and grandmother . When asked by Judge Danica Marinkovic how they found out that the girl who was raped and murdered was Jovana, one of the Mazrreku  brothers said:
” When I ripped the girl from the hands of the mother , the woman was calling that name untill we finally executed her; and the old woman died too. Instantly . ”
Members of Serbian police  have arrested  the two villains. The Mazreku brothers admitted and described the crimes that were committed in Klecka, and  what they did to little Orthodox Christian girl Jovana. All this was recorded by  Judge Danica Marinkovic;  they took statements , the cameras filmed the crime scene and the villains.
Klecka remains
The Court pronounced the verdict and sent the monsters to prison . But the West made a strong  diplomatic and non diplomatic pressure after the fall of Slobodan Milosevic; and they were – acquitted!! –  with the generous support of some blackmailed and corrupted Serbs who have been brought to power by NATO after the October 200o, such as: Biljana Kovacevic -Vuco , Natasa Kandic , Sonja Biserko , Cedomir Jovanovic , Natasa Micic , Borka Pavicevic ,  Miljenko Dereta,  and other well-wishers to Albanian narco supliers, these criminals  are free . I spoke about the little girl Jovana hundred times; I’m trying to record the names of   the martyrs, who died for Orthodoxy, in order to save them for oblivion.
The collection of poems “Jovana”, written by Slavko Nikic, was named after the girl Jovania who was barely 11 years old when Albanian terrorists kidnappped, raped  and killed in the most monstrous way in the village of Klecka in Kosmet. 
Together with her ​​mother Albanian bandits  hem into live fire. 
What is most amazing here,  is the fact that the monsters were released from the Nis prison and acquitted. 
My silent hope is that some Serbs, certainly better that us, picture Jovana on an icon,  in front of which we all could pray .
~ Grey Carter