Albanian women from Kosovo province training ISIS terrorists

Albanian women from Kosovo province training ISIS terrorists

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Security experts claim that women mostly start fighting for ISIS while following their husbands, but there are those that think it is their moment to join the “holy mission”

Accoring to the “Zeri” news agency from the city of Priština, women who join the Islamic state are mostly 23 years of age, and before joining them they were “modern girls“.

One of them is Laura Huseni who was, according to the editor-in-chief of the “Zeri” magazine, a typical teenage girl from Kosovo who used to go out and have fun with her mates.

– She would take a cab and go with her friends for a drink. She used to dress like all her friends, she would wear skirts of jeans. She was very modern – said Faik Ukasmajli, whose son married the yooung woman.

More and more women from Kosovo are joining the jihadists.

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– In a month, local Islamic religious leader and his wife made a strong influence here and many youth changed  their way of thinking and behaviour. My sons Arbnori and Albert were open-minded and hospitable. Suddenly Arbnori grew a beard and started constantly talking about Shamina (religious name for Syria).

Laura started to wear headcover and soon covered herself completely;  she abandoned going out of home and even talking to  anyone – said the father.

Arbnori was killed while fighting for ISIS. Laura is still in Syria with her two children.

Security experts claim that women mostly start fighting for ISIS while following their husbands, but there are those that think it is their moment to join the “holy mission”.

Chamilje Tahiri from the city of Kosovska Mitrovica left with her husband and went to Syria to become a leader of ISIS military camps.

According to the information from the security sector, she is leading a women’s camp and recruits new members online.

This is no surprise that Albanian women show such cruelty. In June 1999, after NATO entered the province, when the armed conflict in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) had ended, some of the most bestial crimes committed took place in the Province.  And the torturers were – Albanian women.

Slavica Vuksanovic (45)  was  one of the few that survived the terror and torture by albanian terrorist KLA “Gnjilane group”. This Serbian woman will remember 23 June 1999 as the beginning of four hardest days of her life. ( That was when NATO  ‘peacekeeping’ forces had took over control in Kosovo)

– It happened In front of the bakery, in the bread line. Five Albanians wearing black unifroms with terrorist KLA insignia came. They immediately pulled us out of queue and duct taped our mouth. – reminds of the traumatic event Slavica.
They pushed us into the car and drove to the building of secondary school student’s accomodations in the village of Gavran. They beat us, hitting with guns and kicking, all the way. 

But the torture was just to begin. Upon the arrival to the student’s accomodations, the newly kidnapped Serbs have been separated in various rooms, in order to make them see the condittion of Serbs  who have already been abducted and tortured.
– When we heard screams and cries for help we realized that there was a hundred people  in the building-  Slavica continues while her eyes start to water.  – Moans and calls for help could be heard from all sides. The two of us were then taken to a dark cellar in which there have already been our martyrs.

After being kidnapped, they were first taken there, stripped naked, tied up, severely beaten, mutilated, sexually assaulted and stabbed with knives. Parts of their bodies were cut off before they were viciously murdered.


Albanian terrorists KLA: Albanian women were even worse than men  

We were mostly beaten by an Albanian womenShe enjoyed in kicking  us with boots, batons, pulling hair …
Slavica reminds that the monstrous women was interrrogating, threatening shouting  and troturing them in order to ‘recognize’ where Serbian police and army were at the moment.

— After each question the Serbs have been subject to increased torture and harder punches –

– After the torture they took us to the rooms on the second floor and tied for radiators. Then, even though we were already beaten and mutilated, KLA continued with torture.

The Albanian monster  – woman was present all the time, actively participated in torture. She was  pushing pillows and clothes into prisoner’s  mouth in order to silent their screams and cries for help during the rape.


This young Serbian father and his little baby were brutally butchered by the Albanian Islamist Nazi KLA bandits, after t NATO Forces entered Kosovo. One of the KLA Islamist Nazi bandits grabbed the baby by his tiny legs and smashed his head against a brick wall. His father was first shot, then beaten to death with an iron pipe.

Serbian prosecutor charged the Gnjilane group terrorists with kidnapping 159 Serb civilians and killing at least 51 in just few months, between June and October 1999, after NATO arrived to the occupied Serbian province.

Only few years later, NATO installed regime withdraws the charge and releases all the Albanian terrorists.


Even their methods are the same in Syria as they did in Kosovo i Metohija province


The first major Kosovo Albanian group of terrorists in Syria came to media focus after Lavdrim Mudyahiri ( Albanian: Lavdrim Muhaxheri)  from Kacanik was killed in a car bomb explosion in the Iraqi town of Tel Afar.

The 24-year-old from the town of Kacanik in Kosovo first “joined Jihad” in Syria and committed brutal crimes there. In late July he posted photos on Facebook showing him holding a Syrian teenager, preparing to decapitate him with a knife, and then holding the severed head in his hands, posing in front of the camera.


In an interview published by the Tirana daily Ditari on August 2, he stated that he “did nothing more than what members of the KLA did during the war (in Kosovo).”

And the young Albanian jihadist certainly was telling the truth.
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