Gnjilane: Albanians removed plates, left Serbian students, children on the road in danger

Posted on March 24, 2015 by 



Two  “Kolasin prevoz” buses carrying Serbian children from isolated enclaves in Kosovo, have been stopped around 13:30 pm and excluded from traffic. The students are left on the road in risky, Albanian area, without any means of transportation nor way to reach their homes several dozen kilometers away from the spot.


” The thing that heppened today is absolutely unacceptable. The children’s freedom of movement has been threatened daily for years, and today we are facing violation of their right to security and education,” local Serbian official explains.

The buses were stopped at a roundabout way in Gjilane, and students are left without any means to reach their homes.

Bus drivers were issued with fines and exclusion. In Albanian language only.

Regional Kosovo police spokesman Ismet Hasani says that the bus drivers ‘did not have proper documentation for passengers.’

The children were left at the mercy of local Albanians, in the area known mainly for kidnapping and organ harvesting.

Kolasin prevoz