New Attack on Serbs in Croatia – ‘Bothered by his Serbian Name’

New Attack on Serbs in Croatia – ‘Bothered by his Serbian Name’

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Since Croatia became a member of the European Union (EU)  there have been increasingly frequent physical attacks on those few Serbs which, after  joint US/EU/Croatian criminal enterprize “Flash” and “Storm”,  have remained in their ancient homeland.

The New Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 27, Macropedia (Knowledge in Depth), edition 1986, page 467, entry: Fascism in the Balkans (1930’s)

RADICAL FASCIST movements developed in some Balkan countries – MOST PROMINENTLY IN CROATIA,… they were OBSESSED by an extremist spirit of terroristic violence in a strange union with RELIGIOUS FANATICISM. As result of German victory the Croatian USTASHE, a party under the leadership of Ante Pavelic (1889-1959), turned Croatia into a state on the model of the MOST EXTREMIST NATIONAL Socialist Party formation, the SS, or Schutzstaffel,…The Ustashe persecuted and killed hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Serbs and Jews. Catholic monks and other priests are alledged to have taken an active part in this STRUGGLE FOR THE “PURITY” OF THE CROATIAN LAND…

After ressurection of the Ustashi state in 1991, such ideology  had returned to the scene.


Young Croats are proud to sing: ,,Kill, slaughter, the Serbs shouldn’t exist” under the symbol which took lives of million Serbs, Roma and Jews during WW II. 

Last attack on Serbs because of their ethnicity happened two days ago, in Pakrac, when a group of Croats had attacked young Serbian man, because they found his Serbian name offensive to be heard.
Ten of these middle aged monsters were hiting and beating Jovan Matijević in Okucani while shouting: ,,Go away, bastard! This is not your Serbia”


Jovan Matijevic, victim of  Croatian fanaticism and  irrational hatred

As hundreds time before, EU comissioners, US sponsored NGO – they all remain silent.
Even though when official Croatia threatens to destroy Serbian WW II graveyards, belonging to the families whose beloved ones were murdered by Croats in some of the notorious death camps for Serbs, such as Jadovno complex – Jasenovac, Stara Gradiska, Pag.

Looks like they’re ready for final re writting of the history. Just a reminder, Independent State of Croatia, 1941. – Order for Serbs and Jews to leave certain parts of Zagreb.

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