Serbian shooting team attacked by Croats. Reason: Being Serbs

Serbian shooting team attacked by Croats. Reason: Being Serbs

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History repeats – everytime Croats (Bosnian Muslims, Albanians) commit some crime or cause incidents, globalist media remains silent. Especially if the victims were Serbs.  This is what happened  yesterday in EU, Croatia.   Such anattempt of lynching an Olympic champion  usually gets headlines.
Except when the Champion is a Serb.
Group of Croatian hooligans have attacked Serbian national shooting team, and only thanks to sheer luck the sportsmen escaped lynching.

Serbian Olympic champion  Damir Mikec says all happened on Saturday night in the parking lot,  when Dusko Petrov, Zoran Vujic, Srdjan Jovanovic and Uros Kacavenda were returning from dinner.


” There were seven youngsters on the parking lot, and they headed for us. When we got into the car, they ran and started shouting, threatening, heating  our vehicle. They  tried to open every door and pull us out,  drag us outside and smash the car.
Luckily I managed to quickly start the engine, and then they ran another fifty meters behind us in order to catch us alive.

The most important thing is that we’re alive and without injuries, but we are all very upset, ” describes  Mikec,  who during the two days of the competition convincingly won gold.