Srebrenica mothers receive salaries for their performance : how to become a millionaire: Mothers of Srebrenica steal money

The following article was written by a Bosnian Muslim blogger a few years ago, I read it then and later forgot about it.  Since it was last year when I heard from several sources the same (or at least very similar) story and it brought me back to the article, so I put it in English and published it on my blog.  See what that man has to say:
“ I’m completely fucked up watching the Bereaved Mothers of Srebrenica, I’m fed up with a huge amount of lies that we, naive people, are served to (keep silent and) swallow,  because it is said: Do not be unjust, leave them, they had very hard times… I’m not the one who’s unjust, –  but they are, and I hate injustice and lies. First of all, I thank dear Allah, that Bakir and the TV show ’60 minutes’ exist because he was the only one with the courage to crush down all their lies.
I believe that absolutely nobody else would have the guts to say something against those professional mourners as they built too strong lobby around, put the whole world around, and who’s to be brave and say something against them? First of all during the broadcast on 08.09.2008.   Munira Subasic, a chairwoman  of the  Association of Mothers of Srebrenica publicly and without any shame and remorse acknowledges the following: – that she owns two houses in Sarajevo( one of which was from the pre-war period) and One house in Srebrenica,   –  but the second one and incomparably larger Sarajevo house was built recently; it has three floors and an attic (finely shown during the Show); she has even a minister as a lodger who, of course, regularly pays rent.
This rent is paid from the budget (ie our money) because I don’t know of a single minister from Sarajevo who doesn’t have a flat or a house, which means that the minister is coming from out of Sarajevo (Munira did not want to reveal his identity).

Munira Subasic, president Movement of Mothers of the Enclaves of Srebrenica and Zepa.jpg
Munira Subasic, one of Srebrenica profiteers

When it came to her pay,  this “saddened Srebrenica mother” laughingly said that she’s paid ”4000 marks monthly,” (about 2000 euro; almost 10 average salaries in Bosnia and Herzegovina)  and then adds, “and,  I spend two for life, and the rest I  hold for savings .. . “ (?) –  ( Srebrenica Mothers ARE paid for their WORK?  What are they paid for? ) 

It didn’t end here, and as reporter’s questioned about her official car (jeep donated to the organization by the  United Nations) this  ”saddened Srebrenica mother” coldly says that “since I cannot hold the car in front of the Organisation’s office” (she didn’t say why she can’t park the donated UN vehicle in  front of her office),  …  ” so I park it front of my house  and my son drives it because I have my own car. … “ (?!?!?).

So-called Srebrenica mothers have found an easy way to make a fortune 

So-called Srebrenica mothers have found an easy way to make fortune in Balkans
As for donations, she said that BH Telekom donated 300,000 KM (?), (about 120 000 eu) of which, according to her, 18,000 was spent in renewing the premises of the organization ( also donated by the government), and that “something” was spent for the functioning of the organization, and that the account still has “some  money” for future work.  Later appeared the fact that of these “some money”  on the account, there was still about 100,000,  and it turns out that  ”some money” for the work of the Organization is 170 to 180,000 KM (about 100 000 eu)… How they manage to get the donation of 300,000, again, is another unclear story.

In the end, she admitted that even though a “saddened victim of  Srebrenica”  she has not even been in Srebrenica during the war;  her husband didn’t participate in the war but worked there for someone, and of course he got away alive from Srebrenica.  But what is terribly low is the fact that their daughter is on the list of orphaned  Srebrenica children so she receives monthly and annual donations (aid) on that basis?!?! I know a lot of people of her kind and their lies are always alike, served in order to use the opportunity of the War at any cost.  ”To some war is a good brother” –  I was aware of that, but I needed an argument for the story itself, and here it is given.

The same  Chairwoman of the Mothers of Srebrenica along with the rest of them each July 11 pulls and waves those rags with descriptions and names of the dead, meanwhile her son and husband live to the fullest since they are alive and richer than all of us! And I honestly know, and old people of Srebrenica confirmed that most of the Srebrenica women used the opportunity to put on the list of those killed the names of people who had died years before the war started. I also know that none of them absolutely have no intention to return to Srebrenica. And why should they? Their children are in Sarajevo, finishing their studies in the Sarajevo university ( something they could only dream about before they became the Srebrenica women)

Also, when so many of these women suffer and mourn their fallen husbands (exceptions to honest women), why I see around each of them up to four young children??

I’m sick of the fact that the bearded creature Munira as it is called, without basic education, is travelling around the world and the same illiterate women meet the greatest statesmen of the world: we do not need such a representation of the country, through the illiterate and uneducated people. I’m sick of it when we are forced to be with them in a small space, to listen to their stories that they suffered, their pain, etc…

I’m sick when  11 July approaches,  and I see the same these ‘Saddened’ living nearby, watching the broadcast on television, and the children of Sarajevo schools must travel by buses to  Srebrenica and pay tribute to their ‘fallen husbands and sons’.

After reading the text people will probably say,  ”He’s not a Muslim, he isn’t a believer”. But, hey people,  I’m on the side of truth, and if you do not believe me, see the 60 minutes tv show, and believe it; admit it at least to your own ears,  without any shame and remorse. Her salary is 4000, and we are convinced that our politicians are thieves? Be on the side of justice!”



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