Teenage girl recruited by pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reveals: Bill Clinton Snared In Pedophile Ring: From Kosovo to Iraq

As a New Yorker from humble beginnings, Jeffrey Epstein played on his blue-collar credentials and enormous wealth to extend tentacles of influence throughout America’s liberal political elite.

During the outcry over the Epstein case, it emerged that another man with a notorious appetite for young women, Bill Clinton, travelled with Epstein to a number of destinations, including three times on the billionaire’s private aircraft.
On one occasion, Epstein flew the former President, Hollywood actor and staunch Democrat Kevin Spacey and another actor friend of Mr Clinton’s, Chris Tucker, to Africa.  Another time they went to Oslo, Moscow etc.
al gore
Virginia disclosed that Mr Clinton’s vice-president Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, were also guests of the pedophille macro Epstein on his island.
Another acquaintance was Israel defence secretary Ehud Barak, whose spokesman told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Mr Barak did attend several small functions in Mr Epstein’s home in New York that were usually attended by leading businessman, university presidents, Nobel Prize Laureates and prominent public figures.’
Epstein’s many Hollywood pals include Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons.
According to former child sex slave Virginia Roberts and a class action lawsuit against convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, former President Bill Clinton was present during sex parties involving up to twenty underage girls at Epstein’s secluded island in the Caribbean. That flight records show Clinton was flown on numerous occasions to the island on Epstein’s private jet. Clinton had a close relationship with an employee of Epstein’s who compiled thousands of photos of nude young girls posed in lewd positions. And these photos were used as a catalog for Epstein to loan out his girls to powerful politicians and British royalty, including Bill Clinton.
Claims: Virginia Roberts says she twice met ex-president Bill Clinton
…Clinton was friends with an unnamed woman who “kept images of naked underage children on her computer, helped to recruit underage children for Epstein… and photographed underage females in sexually explicit poses.”
While Epstein was indicted and jailed for his pedophilia, Bill Clinton oddly has remained unscathed, more than likely by having friends in high places.
The Clinton’s war in behalf of the islamist Albanian mob 1999, vs. Serbia, helped establishment of the black hole of the European security. Kosovo has been the final destination for numerous kidanpped girls and boys for over a decade.
For example, in their three-month investigation, GlobalPost has uncovered mounting allegations that the highest levels of the U.S.-backed Kosovo government are involved in this human trafficking.
The victims of the trade are typically minor and teenage girls who are kidnapped, seduced and often forced into what amounts to sexual slavery. There is prostitution in Kosovo that services the international community, the U.S. and NATO military forces and the U.N. and aid workerts who operate here. But more frequently, investigators say, Kosovo is a trafficking hub for children and women sold into prostitution rings in the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Western European capitals and elsewhere. Much has been written about these victims, but less has been written about the men who carry out the trafficking.
old enough
Never too young for sex, according to the Albanian mentality 
The United States and its NATO allies as well as the United Nations, have said publicly for some years that corrupt officials within Kosovo’s government and police have at times taken part in the illegal trade of  girls and boys for sex.
According to Global post investigation, some senior political figures, specifically former KLA commanders, were indeed involved in the trafficking of women and little girls. Furthermore, GlobalPost has obtained several intelligence reports from NATO military and intelligence services that also claim senior former KLA commanders have been involved in the sex-slavery business. Further bolstering the claims, various well-informed people, including a former NATO intelligence official who worked in Kosovo and a Western diplomat with experience in the region, all say that it has been common knowledge in American, NATO and U.N. circles for years that the former KLA terrorists,  commanders — many of them now in positions of great power in Kosovo — are believed to be linked to sex-trafficking and child prostitution.
After the occupation of the Serbian province the child prostitution, that has been an unknown phenomena, started to boost. A UN peacekeeper in Kosovo, who asked not to be named, spoke: “Often, even  the Muslim girls are sold on by other brothel keepers. They are traded like cattle and are routinely beaten and drugged. If a girl tries to escape, she is raped or tortured — or told that her mother back home will be killed.”
Kosovo ‘Kosovo’ offer for turists
For US $20 a child is left to a ‘client’  for 30 mins.
For US $2.50 client could buy a bottle of beer while he satisfied himself.
All the children  receive are three poor meals a day, a dirty place to sleep on and the skimpy clothes their Albanian  owner insists they must wear to attract clients.
Similar practice continued in Iraq. New disturbing charges have emerged against XE, the infamous private security firm formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide, whose operations came under spotlight after its 2007 carnage in Baghdad.
Blackwater founder, Eric Prince
According to a report by MSNBC and based on alleged sworn declarations by two Blackwater employees in federal court, the firm used child prostitutes at its compound in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone.
The declarations added Iraqi minors got involve in sexual acts with Blackwater members in exchange for one dollar and Erik Prince, the firm’s owner, “failed to stop the ongoing use of prostitutes, including child prostitutes, by his men.”
As for the American presidents spreading (participating in?) pedophillia and democracy seems to be equal.
Bill clinton

(Written on March 28, 2014. for There Must be Justice)