The most popular sport in Croatia: Kill or beat up the Serbs, season 2015. – In Zagreb Croats got in train and beat up a young man just because he is a Serb! He was denied medical treatment

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– I was asleep, because it was morning. The train stopped at the railway break in Zagreb. I saw a group of guys who are in the hands holding a baseball bat.They rushed in the train cursing our Serbian mother. They hit the younger.

They beat me with their fists and batons to the head, and throughout the body. I was able to see that they beat another guy from Ruma (northern Serbia). Seemed like they would never stop. … Suddenly someone yelled “police!” and they ran away – says J. G., who did not want to mention his  full name in the newspaper, fearing for their safety.

Prebijen Srbin

Serb J.G. had the same treatment as his ancestors in 1914, 1941, 1991, – 1995 – present;  Croatia remains arrogant,racist, fanatic,  ethnically cleanest, genocidal, holocaust denying state built on over million murdered Serbs, Jews and Roma people

He say that some boys wore insignia with the inscription “Bad Blue Boys”, by which they recognized supporters of Dinamo( supporters of Dinamo football team) Zagreb, and that he does not know for what reason they beat the boys on the train.

– I don’t know how many guys was beaten up because I was in shock, in blood, and pain. I could not move and could not speak.

He says he does not know who called the police, but the police officer spoke to him and took his data.

– The officer asked if I need medical treatment and I answered that it’s obvious  according the poor way I look,  because I was bleeding. However, the policeman got a call to come to a nearby park, where there was also was an incident caused by the same Croatian football fans. The policeman left,  and the train continued its journey…..
When I came to Slovenia, the father was waiting for me at the station. As I stepped off the train, I began to vomit blood. They transferred me to hospital in Ljubljana, where I were given medical assistance. After two days I asked to come to the Clinical Center of Vojvodina – said J. Mr.

Medical treatment of Ljubljana costs were 2,500 euros, and the Clinical Center of Novi Sad made three laser eye surgeries, There are seven buckles under the eye.

– I simply cannot understand why we did not receive medical help, because I was all bloody and bruised – says J. Mr.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia had sent a note to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, with a request for immediate delivery of all relevant information about the event, including information on the measures taken to establish the identity and responsibility of the perpetrators.

The Embassy has requested clarification of the reasons why the injured was not immediately provided  the necessary medical care..

Source: BBC News