Today is the 18th anniversary of the murder of 14 Serbian laborers in the wheat field

On 23. July 1999. Albanians and USA terrorists ambushed and killed 14 Serbs in the wheat field in Staro Gracko near Lipljan.Staro Gracko Žrtve

According to Serbia’s intelligence agency White book about Albanian terrorism and organized crime in Kosovo, Ajvaz KORPUZI is one of the organizers of Staro Gracko massacre. Serbian Intel. sources released all the necessary info UN investigators need, such as:

AJVAZ (Behram) KORPUZI Born on May 21st, 1956, in the village of Sedlare, Municipality of Lipljan. He stayed in Albania until 1991 and, after completing his military training, he left for Western Europe, where he joined Albanian emigration and became, from 1998 onward, one of the most extreme members of KLA.
He was a member of the headquarters of KLA 121st brigade, as well as an officer of the “military police”, engaged in the planning and direct conduct of terrorist acts aimed against the members of the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Yugoslav Army forces on the territory of the villages of Crnoljevo, Lapušnik, Klečka and Magura. In September 1998, the members of the aforementioned unit, carried out a terrorist act against Milosav Stanišić, from the village of Slovinja, a reserve police officer of the police station in Lipljan, who suffered a leg wound. In October of the same year,
he took part in the terrorist attack against Fatmir Qerinaj’s family, from the village of Petrović, Municipality of Štimlje, a policeman from the station in Lipljan, in the arrest of 
two of Tanjug’s journalists and the assassination of several Albanians loyal to the Republic of Serbia.

After June 1999, he organized ethnic cleansing on the territory of Lipljan and the neighboring villages. He is one of the organizers CLASSIFIED Releasable to UNMIK CLASSIFIED of, and the participants in, the terrorist act carried out on July 23, 1999, in the village of Staro Gracko, Municipality of Lipljan, in which 14 individuals were killed (Novica Janićijević, Stanimir Djekić, Božidar Djekić, Miodrag Tepšić, Andrija Oldalovac, Mile Janićijević, Momčilo Janićijević, Slobodan Janićijević, Milovan Jovanović, Jovica Živić, Radovan Živić, Saša Cvejić, Ljubiša Cvejić and Nikola Stojanović). Ajvaz KORPUZI (DOB 21 MAY 1956. Lives in SEDLARE, DN 9364 0505) Korpuzi is the chairman of the Lipljan Islamist terrorist War Veteran Association.
However, Korpuzi is still free and lives in the village of Sedlare, Lipljan.
Staro Gracko spomenik