Bloody Croatian Bishop Stepinac is to become a saint canonized by Vatican


Stepinac sa Hitlerovcima sastanak

Croatian Archbishop Stepinac, most likely future Roman Catholic saint, at an Ustashi meeting with (right to left) General Roata, Commander of the Italian Fascist Forces and other Nazis. As “Supreme Military Apostolic Vicar of the Ustashi Army”, Stepinac participated genocide of Serbs, Jews, and Roma population, also actively participated in military and political functions, mingling with Fascist, Nazi and Ustashi Commanders.
Honouring criminals is to murder his victims for the second time.
Croatian Archbishop Stepinac was using Nazi German to achieve an ethnically clean (without Serbs) in Croatia.

Glinska crkva

– Stepinac was the supreme military vicar in the Independent State of Croatia ( NDH ) army, and therefore responsible for genocide; he is to be blamed for the monstrous crimes of Roman Catholic priests, members of Ustasha and Domobran units. He was one of the initiators of the forcible conversion of the Orthodox Serbs. In his letter to Pope Pius XII, to the middle of 1943. there were about 244,000 Serbs forcibly converted – and these are some of his ” merits “, explains Dr Veljko Djuric Mišina, historian and director of the Museum of Genocide Victims in Belgrade.
So this is the latest Catholic saint who will be celebrated by millions of people. February 10th is the big day for Catholic Croats in the Balkans because that’s the day their “saint” Aloysius Stepinac will be celebrated and honoured.
This man, on the other hand, was the torturer and collaborator in genocide against Orthodox Christians, Gypsies and Jews. In the era of heresy of ecumenism (false, dishonest, by Vatican and NWO promoted unity) it’s probably not a big deal to convince the humiliated, lifeless masses of people that the torturer Aloysius and his victim martyr saint Vukasin Klepacki got the same rank (Stepinac in Catholic Croatian, and Vukasin in Serbian Orthodox church) and that both should be celebrated together?!

Stepinac hitler
Alen Budaj, an associate of the Jerusalem-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, says “Stepinac never repented his Catholic ‘baptized souls’ burning Jewish and Serbian churches, plundering around as wild hordes, raping and killing the ”infidel heretics” as crusader armies once did across the Holy Land,”

Budaj added that Stepinac knew about it all, but nevertheless bestowed blessings on the NDH and served it, even after its collapse, hiding Ustasha criminals, stolen Serbian and Jewish gold and Ustasha state archive in the Zagreb Kaptol.
“To me, as a free man, Stepinac will never be a saint, as I am not bound by decisions of the Pope, nor have I lost my mind to believe in that fraudulent alchemy of miraculous transformation of a criminal into a saint. ”


Saint Vukasin Klepacki, tortured and murdered by Roman Catholic fanatics – Vukasin Mandrapa was a farmer and merchant, born in Klepci (at the time of the Ottoman Empire, modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina). He and his family lived in Sarajevo and then returned to Klepci, but were arrested and sent to the Independent State of Croatia Jasenovac death camp, for both their Serbian ethnicity and for refusing to convert from Serbian Orthodox Christianity to Roman Catholicism. At least two nephews of him are said to have died in Jasenovac before he did.

In January 1943, Mandrapa was singled out by the Croatian Ustaše Josep “Zhila” Friganović, who had noticed his stoic behaviour during the forced labour days and the slaughter of prisoners at night. Then, he was mutilated by Friganović, after his repeated refusals to praise Ustase leader Ante Pavelic.[2] For as long as Mandrapa could speak, he told Friganović “radi ti, dijete, svoj posao.” (“Do your job, child” in Serbian): as a result his ears, tongue and nose were cut, then his eyes and heart were gouged out, and his throat was slit. Friganović is said to have been unable to kill more people that night, falling into alcoholism, and years later he confessed this to a doctor named Nedelko Nedo Zets, who wrote it down.

Stepinac sa ustasama

The pillars ‘laid their life’ for the monstrous Independent State of Croatia – Stepinac dominates.


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