“The World Doesn’t Even Know About Jasenovac Even Though As For the Torture and Atrocities, the Croatian camp was far more terrible than Auschwitz”

Says professor Dr Gideon Greif, Holocaust expert, on the largest concentration camp in the Independent State of Croatia ( Nezavisna Država Hrvatska, NDH) in his interview for Belgrade based  daily Večernje Novosti, and continues:

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“The Croatian hands are completely covered with the blood of innocent Serbs, Roma and Jews.
It is hard to believe that even today, at the end of July 2017, Jasenovac remains quite unknown globally, notwithstanding the enormous importance it has not only for the regional but also for the European and Holocaust history.
Because, both the Jasenovac and other camps from the genocidal “system” in Croatia as well as other Nazi camps, differ for two reasons:
The first is that according to the testimonies of the survivors, torture in Jasenovac was much more monstrous and more demonic than in Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps, and the other reason was that Jasenovac was formed, operated and existed without even the smallest participation of German soldiers.
It was hell on Earth. That’s why the Croatian hands are completely covered by blood.  ”

Ustaški zlikovac Miško Ratković iz Trilja, Dalmacija sa još jednim ustašom, smiju se isprljani ljudskom krvlju, posle pokolja Srba 1941. Nezavisna Država Hrvatska 

Caption of the photo: The Ustasha criminal, Misko Ratkovic from Trilje in Dalmatia, with another Ustasha, laughing while covered by human blood after slaughter of Serbs 1941, Independent State of Croatia.  

Professor Dr Gideon Greif is Chief Historian and Researcher at the “Shem Olam” Institute for Education, Documentation and Research on Faith and the Holocaust, Israel, and at the Foundation for Holocaust Education Projects in Miami, Florida.  After more than four decades of his work, Dr Greif is considered one of the leading experts for Auschwitz and Zonderkommand.
Professor Greif has been paying special attention to the study of Jasenovac in the last two years.  Therefore he announced the publication of the book “Jasenovac – Auschwitz of the Balkans”, and he is one of the editors of the book ” JASENOVAC – THE RIGHT TO REMEMBRANCE””, published in April this year under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia.

“I heard about this terrible camp a long time ago, but I did not know much about it,” says professor Greif. – I began to study it more closely a few years ago.

Дете с козаре.jpg
Serb boy Bogdan Gajic in ”asylum” for the Kozara children

It is devastating, however, that many of my colleagues, although resectable historians do not know anything about Jasenovac. They do not even know in which state he was, let alone to locate it!

And the history of the people killed in Jasenovac is not only a history of death but a history of atrocities, evil, sadism and indecision. In the concentration camps led by the Croats, death was regarded as a superior value. The prisoners enjoyed to torture their victims and were constantly finding new ways of torture.  To kill was not enough for them, but it had to last and cause painful suffering to the very end. ”

It is terrifying that such torture was experienced by adults, but what is even worse is that the Croats knew no mercy for Serbian, but also Jewish and Roma, children and infants.

Deca logorasi
Starved Serbian children in a single death camp for Serbian (also Jewish and Roma) children and infants, established by Croats in Jastrebarsko, Sisak, Stara Gradiska, Independent State of Croatia

– It is important to know about Jasenovac because, among other Nazi camps, it is unique for the camps for children and babies in its system – says the professor. – The Germans had camps for women, men, or mixed ones in which adults were with their children.
But the Croats went a step further and even had children’s camps.  Horrible! In just a few months, these newborn babies have experienced only cruelty and sadism.

Kozara villagers Jasenovac
Deported Serbian villagers from the Kozara region are assembled at the entrance to the Jasenovac concentration camp   (Photograph #46554)

“That’s how the Croats, as well as the Germans, killed their victims twice,” continues Professor Graef. – But the terrible and undeniable truth is that even the German officers who visited Jasenovac and other camps in Croatia were frustrated with the brutality and sadism they saw.
As early as July 10, 1941, Edmond von Honstenau, a German military attaché in Zagreb, wrote to Heinrich Himmel that the German troops were “the witnesses of the brutality of the Ustasha over the Serbs, Jews and Roma.”

Because of all the horrors, he learned about Jasenovac for two years of extensive research, the professor decided to devote some of his work to the victims.

– The voices of hundreds of thousands of innocent victims of Jasenovac and all the death camps in Croatia, who were brutally and most bestially executed, are coming to us from the womb of the earth, asking not to let them be erased and forgotten – says Professor Greif.
– We who have survived must keep their echo. We must raise our voice with all our might to spread the truth of their suffering all over the world. This voice, in fact, must be a scream as their killers Croats and their friends are increasingly trying to erase the traces of the crime, to rewrite history and to present lies as facts and bring them to the fore.
Moreover, they are convinced that their revisionism can succeed. But I’m sure they are wrong and will not succeed.

STEPINAC  – When it comes to Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac, I will tell you clearly, sharply and briefly: his canonization is itself a crime, and people who intend to canonize him are criminals – says, Professor Greif. – It’s scoff at the victims. Anyone who has supported a criminal regime like the Ustasha does not deserve any reward!

Ustasa children-41
The very attempt to erase and relativize the history of Jasenovac resembles attempts to abolish the memory of the Holocaust, which is a very dangerous phenomenon. And for this reason, Rabbi Abraham Kriger, the founder and president of the “Shem Olam” Institute, and I came here to oppose to Croatian attempts to rewrite history.

Časne sestre naci hrv deca
Independent State of Croatia – Roman  Catholic clergy  actively participated in the murder, forcible conversion of Serbs  and their children

EXHIBITIONS – PROFESSOR Gideon Greif is the director of the International Expert Group of Historians who on January 27th, on the occasion of 75 years since the founding of Jasenovac, organized an exhibition “The Truth About Jasenovac – the Right to Remembrance”  in New York, which was the biggest setting  about this  Croatian monstrous camp abroad.


The exhibition includes 180 panels with texts of historians, 25 sculptures of sculptors Ljubiša Mancic and Katarina Tripkovic and 21 drawings by Dragan Jelovac, as well as authentic items of the Memorial Center “Donja Gradina” and material from the archives of Israel, Germany, USA, Italy, Norway, Republic of Srpska, Croatia and Serbia.
This exhibition will also be held in Israel in December.

masovna gublilšta  za decu.jpg
Mass Executions of Serbian children in Stara Gradiska 

– Name
– Flag
– National Emblem
– National Anthem 
– Currency
– Uniforms (Nazi black shirts)
– Pure-blooded police
– Nazi terminology of WWII
– The orgiastic celebration of the mass murder of Serbs
– State-sponsored atrocities toward Serbian civilians are the same.

Srbe u Jasenovac