Decanska Vinica, a place from which, according to historical sources, wine flowed through special ceramic pipes all the way to Prizren and further, straight to Emperor Dusan’s residence

In Decanska Vinica , ( the heart of Velika Hoca from which , according to historical sources vine flowed all the way to Prizren through special ceramic pipes and further, straight to the chamber of Emperor Dusan) , famous “Decani vine” is produced.

– From Velika Hoca all the way to Prizren, according to tradition, led an aqueduct for vine, vineduct; that’s where through the ceramic pipes vine flowed to the palace of Serbian Emperor Dušan the Mighty .
Velika Hoca vineyards belongs to the Decani Monastery , whose monks even today use the same ancient wine cellars for production and storage. Before the aggresion on our Kosovo and Metohija , the Monastery processed over 160 hectares under the vine, each hectare was planted from 10,000 to 12,000 vines . The most commonly grown varieties of wine grapes are prokupac , and game cormorant , white smederevka and Riesling . Wine is always accompanied by a domestic brandy.

– As for the vineyard that are close to the ‘Albanian territory,’ after the massacre of 14 wheat reapers in Staro Gacko, no one dares to go there; but the Albanian usurpers are selling them out, as if they’re their property.
Father Marko warns that due to the lack of security and living in isolation, surrounded by the Albanian unfriendly environment, large number of the vineyards owned by Serbs have been destroyed. Father Marko spent last fifteen years struggling to survive in Metohija as well as to “break through” the isolation in which they are captured.
The monastic vineyards spreads over ten acres of soil; annual production of high quality grape (varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and the cormorant) reaches 50,000 liters of both red and white vines. Father Marko says if necessary, the grapes are purchased from villagers whose basic occupation is wine and brandy production.


Velika Hoča Wine