By serving the liturgy and laying flowers at a memorial in Trnovo Bosnian Serbs mark 25 years since Bosnian Muslims murdered 124 Serbian civilians and 157 members of the Serbian army in Trnovo.
Milena Vitković testifies about the massacre committed by the Bosnian Muslim soldiers in the Orthodox holiday of Tierra Maria in 1992. Ten members of Milena’s family have been massacred, including a child of a year and a half. She says that since than every day is the same – she wakes and lays in grief.
“They were all killed in Treskavica, and no one has ever been held responsible or suspect for this crime. But if the Earthy Court doesn’t respond to this crime, as it doesn’t – the God’s judgement will punish the murderers.”
Jela Vitković , whose husband was murdered on this day in 1992, says that  no one has been tried for the crime.
Twenty five year ago the Muslim soldiers took her husband and tied him with ropes and dragged him through Trnovo. His body was found in Rajski do where Muslims thrown it under the tree.

Ilinka Bjelica from the Trnovo area is shaken.  Her husband, Slobodan, was killed the same way ISIS executes ‘infidels’ today  – by cutting his body parts and head off.
Bosnian Muslim jihadists have cut his head off with  motor saw and placed on his chest. Ilinka Bjelica  says that only after eight months she managed to find her husband’s dismembered remains.
,,The death of my husband and other Trnovo Serbs was caused by neighbors with whom we were growing up, working, living…. sharing happy moments and hard times before the war. ”
In the summer 1992. members of the Muslim Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Trnovo municipality near Sarajevo organized concentration camps for Serbian civilians (women, children and elderly), many of which were brutally murdered. More than 80% of crimes against Serbian civilians in Trnovo and the surrounding area has been done in the most monstrous way – by knives, hammers, drowning and burning. Although all the data and facts were established long time ago and the perpetrators are known, none of these crimes have been prosecuted.

Among the victims in Trnovo there was the nine-member family Tešanović, which was executed in the village Ljuta near Kalinovik. The youngest victim was Milun Tešanović. He was only 18 months.

Bosnian muslims were merciless – Serbian children for Trnovo were taken to some of the deadly Sarajevo concentration camps
The material and evidences have been proceeded to the Prosecutor’s Office, all provided by the research team of war crimes of Serbia Ministry Interior, but none of the 54 Bosnian Muslims whose involvement in this war crime was documented, have ever been tried. The criminal complaint survivors filed has never been responded. All the files were sent to Sarajevo in 2001. where all remains buried and forgotten.
Charges were filed against:
1 Edhema GODINJAK,
2 Hajrudin Ploskic called Lelo
3 Munib Ademović
4 Hajrudin Elezović,
5 Ismet Kolar, and others.
They are charged with war crimes against civilians and soldiers. In the villages of Gornja and Donja Presnica and Straisti they killed 13 members of Cvijetić, Samardzija, Šehovac and Kravljača families. They killed 11 civilians in Trebjeca  and others.

Srpske glave
In Bosnia Hercegovina,  for the firts time after the Ottoman tyrany,  Serbs  were killed the same way ISIS executes ‘infidels’ today  – by cutting his body parts and head off.

The chairwoman of the Families of the killed and captured soldiers and civilians of Trnovo municipality, Joka Prorok said that 21 years ago everything Serbian has been massacred or escaped in order to survive the invasion of the USA backed Bosnian Jihadists.
“Those who managed to reach Kalinovik survived, but the elderly , children or sick who remained in their homes were brutally murdered and then set on fire,”
Joka Prorok said that during defending Tarnovo 157 soldiers and 124 civilians were massacred in the most brutal way; Bosnian muslims broke legs and arms of a child of a year and a half.
She stressed that it was done by their Muslim neighbors.
The Bosnian Muslim soldiers captured 69 elderly men and women, children, and women who were unable to escape through Rogoj and Kalinovik. They brought them to Trnovo, where they were tortured.
“After torturing, they locked them in a Church and burned them, together with the priest Nedeljka Popovic,” she said.
The Trnovo mayor Nenad Mišović pointed out that since then the great Orthodox holiday of Tierra Maria is the saddest day for Trnovo,
Mišović pointed out that, unfortunately, so far no one was held responsible for these crimes, and neither Bosnian nor international institutions didn’t do a thing in order to bring the monsters to book.
“We hope that justice will be done, one way or another” he said, adding that Trnovo Serbs must never forget the victims.
The mayor of Kalinovik Mileva Komlenović said that the service was held today at the memorial in Rogoj too where on this day in 1992. 21 Serbian soldiers died.
” Our emotions are mixed today – there are both melancholy and pride,” she said.
According to her, every crime that remains unpunished threatens to repeat itself, and all the criminals have to be punished.

IN the meantime, for war crimes against civilian population and prisoners of war in the municipality of Trnovo, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH has filed an indictment against Edhem Godinjak, Medaris Saric and Mirko Bunoz.

Trnovo Sećanje

Service and citizens paying tribute to the massacred.