“We were finding bodies of killed Serbs every morning in Kosovo” – MAURO DEL VECCHIO, FORMER GENERAL OF ITALIAN ARMY IN Kosovo i Metohija

Rome – Mauro Del Vecchio, former General of Italian Army who led the unit of 7,000 soldiers that entered Kosovo in June of 1999 after end of NATO air strikes on Serbia told Italian ‘Panorama’ weekly that during the first three weeks of the mandate ‘reports on the found bodies of killed Serbs and Romas arrived on his table each morning’, but that was a taboo topic they were not allowed to speak about with journalists.
“The killings continued later but not so frequently. Those that have not fled Kosovo were under permanent risk to be killed or raped. Deserted Serbian houses were leveled to the ground or set on fire. Albanians were attacking the churches and monasteries, too.
kla crimes.png
 Caption: Clothes and other belongins found on mutilated and decomposed bodies of Serbs, Roma and other non Albanians killed by UCK terrorists. 
Relatives and friends trying to identify pieces of clothes.
Their goal was erase every trace of the Serbian presence in Kosovo’, Del Vecchio said. Today he is representing the Democratic Party in the Italian Senate. .
‘Nobody was taking Serbian bodies that were left in all possible places. Mothers and wives of abducted Serbs were pleading for their dearest to be found, but the majority of them have never been found, not even those that were dead’.
Volujak Massacred
One of massacred Serbs whose mutilated remains were thrown into Radonjicko lake, 1999.
The Italian weekly reports as a horrifying fact that 70 percent of the total number of abducted Kosovo Serbs had disappeared after June 1999 when the war was officially over.
Albanians with cut off Serbian heads
The magazine has also come in possession of photographs that the UNMIK soldiers found in Decani in 2003 but has not published them because they were horrific. They show the KLA members smiling with a cut off head of a Serbian reservist.
Another photography shows them putting in a bag at least two cut off Serb heads. It is also said that at the time when the photographs were made the zone was under the command of Ramush Haradinaj.
Families still searching for their beloved ones