Entrusting home to arsonists – KFOR (NATO in Kosovo) handed over safekeeping of Serbian shrines to ‘Kosovo’ (Albanian) police

Protection of Serbian cultural and religious heritage in Kosovo was one of NATO/ KFOR’s duties.
After 14 years and destruction of  over 200 Orthodox shrines,  so-called Kosovo police  took over the role of providing  Serbian Orthodox monasteries and Patriarchate in Pec , so that the  international troops in Kosovo provide only Visoki Decani .


This is was announced to TANJUG (Serbian press agency) by chief of the so called Kosovo SPU, Dražo Bozovic

He stated that members of the so-called Kosovo  Security unit for cultural and religious heritage, has fully assumed the role of guardians of the  Patriarchate.

What does history teach us ?

Even the Turks have had a special armed unit , ” Niyama ” in charge of protecting and preserving the Visoki Decani monks  from Albanian attacks .

The World remembers the attacks in  Pogrom 2004.  and what happened to  Serbian Orthodox  churches then  (the same attacks on shrines continue to this day ) , as well as permanent attempts by Albanian ” historians ” to usurp Serbian Orthodox monasteries by falsifying history   (despite the ancient charters issued by Serbian Kings from  X- XX century )  and their false mass convertion to Orthodoxy  then it is right to wonder how to entrust home to arsonis

The units for the protection of Patriarchate and other significant religious sites  are multiethnic;  they are to guard 24 religious and cultural sites in Kosovo and Metohija.

Bozovic said that cooperation with the representatives of the Patriarchate of Peć is ‘at a high level’ , and that EULEX and KFOR are eady to assist the so-called Kosovo police if necessary.

Special units of the so-called multi-ethnic Kosovo Police for the protection of Serbian heritage and religious sites has about 200 police officers , and the result of an earlier agreement between Belgrade and