Modern day Croatia is a carbon copy of the WW 2 monstrous Independent State of Croatia

Can you imagine one hundred thousand of adults and children dressed as SS and Hitlerjugend members, shouting: Sieg Heil and singing about the glory of Auschwitz?

Very possible.
That’s exactly what happens in Croatia, the very first resurrected  Nazi state ever.


Children dressed as monstrous Ustasha troops.

Since Croatia is a member, thus the EU glorifies Nazism, death camp Jasenovac, murdering of Serbs. This is one of the greatest evergreen hits by neo Ustashi ‘musician’ Thompson. Lyrics translation:

Jasenovac and Stara Gradiska
That’s the house of Maks’ butchers.

There was a slaughterhouse in Chaplyina
Neretva carried away many Serbs.

Hey, Neretva, flow downhill,
Carry Serbs into the blue Adriatic.

Through Imotski trucks rush
Driving black uniforms of Jure Francetic

I am Ustasha and so was my father,
Father left craft to his son.

Who could imagine last year
That Partisans would celebrate Christmas.

Who said, his father f*** him
That Black Legion is not coming back.

Jasenovac and Stara Gradisha
That’s the house of Maks’ butchers.

Shining star above Metkovich;
Send our greetings to Ante Pavelich.

You can hear the intro where the obscure ‘musician’ says, following images of Jasenovac that the above song was sung by their grandfathers and have been proud of it…
Very ‘European”!

Today’s Independent State of Croatia has the same as NAZI Independent State of Croatia /1941 – 1945/:
National Emblem
National Anthem
Uniforms (Nazi black shirts)
Pure-blooded police
Nazi terminology of WWII
State-sponsored atrocities toward Serbian civilians are the same.
The conclusion is: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.


Young Croats  – the Croatian Nazism has been tolerated for decades.


Even Google a few years ago promoted the neo-nazi state’s date of Independence

Hitler’s troops entering Zagreb –  Population in trance: