17 – 20 August 1941 – 2017 – 76th Anniversary of German crime in Terazije square, Belgrade, Serbia

By commemorative gathering and laying of wreaths and flowers at the Monument to hanged patriots at Terazije, Belgrade marks 76 anniversary of the crimes against civilians committed by the German occupying forces.


Belgrade, Terazije –

Period of the Second World War in Serbia has been remembered as a time of mass crimes against civilian population and series of tragic events that took place in the then occupied Serbia.

Despite death and conc camps where tens of thousands of Serbs, but also Jews and Roma, have lost their lives, for Wehrmacht that was not enough to teach the rebellious and freedom-loving Serbs a lesson.
Therefore, the Germans started with public executions of randomly picked up people from the streets, offices, or even schools (Kragujevac and massacre of  schoolchildren October 1941.)

Terazije vešanje Jovanović Velimir.jpg

Hanged farmer Velimir Jovanovic 

One of the most brutal was the crime in Belgrade’s main square of Terazije, committed from 17. – 20 August 1941.
That’s when German occupying authorities publicly hanged to lighting poles five Serbs, suspect to be members of the Serbian resistance.

The victims of German crime were:
Jelena Jankovic, worker,
Ratko Jevic, farmer,
Velimir Jovanovic, farmer,
Svetislav Milin, worker,
Milorad Pokrajac, student

Terazije vešanje 1941 obućar Svetislav Milin.jpg
Svetislav Milin, the shoemaker was hanged by Germans 

In the memory of five citizens tragically killed on 17. August, in Terazije, the City unveiled a memorial in 1983. The Monument to the hanged patriots, the piece of academic sculptor Nikola Jankovic was placed on a marble pedestal: its height is 400 centimetres, a diameter 80 centimetres, while the relief shows the execution of five patriots.


Ratko Jević, farmer

The plaque with the following epitaph was set near the monument:

To freedom fighters, the occupying fascist hung in Terazije on 17 August 1941: Jelena Jankovic, worker,
Ratko Jevic, farmer,
Velimir Jovanovic, farmer,
Svetislav Milin, worker,
Milorad Pokrajac, student
… in 1983. from the citizens of Belgrade “

Only a few months earlier, Germans have committed mass murder of Serbs in the city of Pancevo near Belgrade.


As a reprisal for the shooting of several Wehrmacht soldiers, the German Wehrmacht randomly selected 36 Serbs from the streets of Pancevo. They were summarily “tried” and marched to a cemetery where they were hanged or shot. One of the victims was a woman who was selling vegetables in the town square.
Another was a 15-year-old boy, whose only crime was to have his dead father’s sabre hanging on the wall of his house.

However, many witnesses, including the cameraman who took this film, have testified that those killed were taken at random from the streets of the town.
Here are the names of the people who were executed by the Germans on that day:
Tihomir Humanović,
Ivan Grobanović,
Gojko Tesanović,
Sava Pantelić,
Dušan Hajić,
Đura Grujić,
Šandor Haker,
Toma Markov,
Stefan Perić,
Đuro Zgrnić,
Marjan Novak,
(Name missing) Milenković,
Pera Medić,
Tihomir Dinković,
Radivoje Atanacković,
Drago Atanacković,
Vasa Avramov,
Ištvan Pinter.

Milutin Milivojević,
Milan Milanović,
Milorad Covan
Jakov Čardik,
Pera Azicki,
Đorđe Mirđić,
Vladimir Žestić,
Aleksandar Topolovački,
Jovan Maksin,
Mirko Skovran,
Ljubomir Ristić,
Milenko Jeftić,
Jovan Adamović,
Dušan Stojkov,
Kosta Radak,
Franja Koceš,
Taja Ćosić
Darinka Šiškulovič.