September 6, 1944 – The Allied Destruction of Leskovac

On September 6, 1944. Western Air Forces savagely bombed Serbian city of Leskovac. September 6th is a birthday of Serbian King Peter II and British, American and French ,,allies” targeted schools, maternity wards, hospitals, libraries, residential buildings, justifying the “errors” in high altitude from which the bombs were dropped.


Leskovac – The final destruction of already  destroyed and exhausted by the years of German occupation

However, the fact is that the mainly Serbian cities have in any occasion been bombed during the holidays, such as Easter 1944th (When Belgrade was destroyed and more than 30,000 people were killed), or the King’s birthday – as in Leskovac.

During the bombing over 1600 civilians were killed and the centre – the old core of the city – was completely destroyed.

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