As for September 11th

Today is September 11th
The world mourns victims from The World trade centre and Pentagon.
And I would like to ask you for a moment of silence
for all those who have been harassed, imprisoned, disappeared, tortured, raped,
killed in retaliation for those strikes, In Serbian Kosovo, Srpska and Krajina.
For them who, by the will of Washington,
One morning woke up
As aliens in their own country.
For them Who are still dying in collective refugee centres
And whose last image in their tearless eyes
Was an old chimney, orchard, seashore
From the past life that was brutally stolen
From the homeland that’s – by the will of the USA –
For them forbidden.
(And UNHCR decided that they’re not refugees anymore. Someone has decided that one cannot be a refugee for so many years); but we have several hundred thousands of such refugees.
The UNHCR finished ethnic cleansing and sealed it.
Therefore, one week of silence for UN, UNHCR, OSCE and other ‘humanitarians’. They need to come to see how it looks like to be a refugee for two decades and more.
One hundred years of silence for the people whose land has been stolen.
A decade of silence for hundreds of the Serbian Orthodox Churches,
that the USA backed barbarians from the East and from the West, Under the crosses, swastika, and ‘Allahu Akhbar’ on their lips have blasted, burned and grounded
Often with people inside.
A century of silence for all those whose organs have been forcibly taken from Kosovo to Ukraine
(although I believe the monstrous trade started much earlier)
– after their homes, property and lives have already been seized –
to be planted in the wealthy heartless western bodies.
One minute of silence for a kid, hero and martyr –
Whose heart and bravery was greater than his age and size
Who died defending his home and homeland from the USA backed mujahedins,
– Slavenko Gostic –
He was only fifteen…
Months of silence for his and other stolen childhood,
For the kids whose laugh has been stolen thanks to the USA state interest and ‘Democracy”.
Weeks of silence for all the patients
Who died in hospitals
Because ‘the World’ imposed sanctions
To punish them for existing only,
Or for living on their small piece of Earth.
and that piece was what the USA democracy needs.
Other months of silence for a girl three years old angel Milica,
Killed through the window
By the USA Stelts and Drones armed with depleted uranium and cluster bombs,
She was rained down in her own baby bathroom. In the twilight ’99.
(It was, clearly, a twilight of the mankind, humanity and moral).
Yet they called the bombs. Merciful angels.
Thousands of tears and moments of silents
For green Libya, for the Man-made river,
for the water president Gadaffi provided his beloved nation with.
For all the energy, education, homes the Libyans used to get for free.
Now it’s all gone.
More moments of silence for the people of Syria,
Who are fighting the islamists and globalists for years
At the same time.
Whose destiny is so uncertain
Because of someone somewhere in some luxurious office
who decided that they need new combinations on the World map.
A century of silence for Donbass and Lugansk.
Million of years for the burned and baked – alive! -People of Odessa
Whose only fault was that they were not
What the USA wanted them to be.
(because such a travesty already occurred,
and it happens more and more often in the recent history.
But not with them.)
I would also like to ask you
For a moment of silence for all the victims of
So-called False flag operations,
For the operations were false but the victims were real.
Millions of moments of silence and million tears
For murdered justice and honesty
For our stolen lives
For the mutilated bodies
For the healthy, organic food (actually once upon a time all the food was organic).
For happiness
For moral
For Honesty
For freedom:
One moment of silence for mankind.


I originally published it on There Must be Justice in 2013.